2007 - 08 Reunion Activities

2008 Reunion - Mt Vernon, Missouri

Great American D-Day Veteran Herb Moore


Herb Says "See ya' Next Year"

2007 Reunion Activities

2007 Reunion - Gatesville, Texas

 Sarah Jane Field's Beautiful Brittan-Moore Family Tree on Sheet

Friday Night Reception fun with
Jerry, Bessie, Edith, and Janice

Moore Friday Night Reception Fun with
Jerry, Larry, and Prentiss

Diana Moore (Clint's wife) & Jerry Hill

Moore Fun with Herb, Richard, Liz, Billie, Jack & Pris

Jack Moore Railsback shows and tells about
Jessie Hopkins Moore's House

Jesse Hopkins Moore's Gravestone with Wreath

Lunch Bunch at Crawford TX

Lunch Bunch at Crawford Coffee Station Restaurant

Moore Lunch Bunch at Crawford TX

Moore Lunch Bunch at Crawford TX

Moore Lunch Bunch at Crawford TX

Jack & Billie with Chick Fried Steak

General John Creed Moore's House

State of Texas Plaque at Gen. Moore's Grave

Gen. John Creed Moore's Gravestone

Moore Family Grave Plot

State of Texas Historical Marker for Osage Cemetery

Sarah Jane Fields talks about her donated
Cannon Ball at Coryell Museum


Cannonball with General John Creed Moore

Dwain Place tells us about General John Creed Moore

Sarah Jane Fields tells about Gen. John Creed Moore

Reunion Dinner Table 1

Reunion Dinner Table 2

Reunion Dinner Table 3

President Moore welcomes all to dinner

Bessie, Hugh IV, & Edith

Louise & Herb

Herb Moore, 97 chuckling away

Herb Moore with HG Moore

A little after-dinner relaxation