Spring 2000 Letter from President Dwight "Clint" Moore: 

Happy New Millennium!  We live in truly historic times!  We are the only Moores (whom we know) to see the dawn of a new Millennium!

Our gathering in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, this past October was also a truly historical moment in the life of our Family.  For the first time in our history, we traveled to the former home of William Alfred Moore (1830 -1909), son of Samuel Dalton Moore, grandson of William Moore, and great-grandson of Rodey and Elizabeth.  There's no other way to describe it but "Inspiring".  What a magnificent old home!  I want to thank Priscilla Rogers and Louise Murphy for the extraordinary efforts in arranging for the facilities and catering from afar in Tennessee.  Those of you who attended know how hard they all worked, and what a wonderful weekend was had by all.

Just as we had planned, we all met at the Comfort Inn at 9 AM and drove in perhaps the longest vehicular entourage in many years through Mt. Airy, and then on up into Patrick County, Virginia.  There we disembarked enmasse at the farm and home of Mrs. Georgia Puckett.  Mrs. Puckett and her daughter, Linda, are the wonderful protectors of the final resting place for Rodey, his son William and wife Jane, as well as grandson Hardin and wife Ann.  As Merle remarked for his line, there are no fewer than 3 generations of his grandparents lying in that hillside cemetery.  Thanks to Merle's tireless diligence and financial help (and Linda's watchful efforts), we now have a strong chain link fence around the cemetery, with two signs proclaiming the "Rodeham Moore Cemetery" affixed to each side.  As promised, your President and the Board arranged for the erection of a nice new granite gravestone over Rodey's grave, and the whole family of over 50 people christened the gravesite anew for generations to come.  So emotional a moment was it for many, that $2,000 in resources was raised to erect similar new gravestones for William & Jane and Hardin & Ann's grave sites, as well.  Many thanks to Cousin Bill Cole for generously donating $1,000 for two stones and to one of our greatest members, who anonymously donated another $1,000 for erecting two more.  Soon, as the weather warms, and your Board can agree on the dates and wording to place on each stone, we'll get these four new stones erected in the next few months. 

Wow! What a great accomplishment for our great American Family!  Rodey's graveyard preserved with a strong gated-fence, and new granite gravestones for Rodey, and the offspring buried at his side. 

After the christening at the gravesite, we were treated anew to Merle's remarkable recollection of family history and tradition.  As he spoke, one could almost feel the seemingly  timeless world of Rodey and his family  unfold before your eyes.  Many thanks to Merle for his supreme efforts to enliven and describe the world of Rodey as it was in the late 1700's.  Such fun learning our family history can be!

Following another caravan line of cars back to Mt. Airy, the wonderful history lesson continued with Joyce Browning's exciting family research findings and especially her recitation of her grandfather, NC Gov. Jesse Franklin's brush with death at the hands of the Tories through her "But for a Broken Bridle" presentation.  Most importantly, Joyce also presented some of her findings on the possible/probable parents of Rodey.  William and Margaret Hall Moore were associated with Elizabeth Gallahue's family.  Ann Kenner Gallahue and her second husband, George Rowland were associates in both Prince William County in northern Virginia and in Henry County, in southern Virginia.  I'm not going to try and recount Joyce's data and analysis here in my column, but her findings represent a plausible scenario for Rodey's parents, and even may have detected a sibling or two.  Neighbor proximity made courtship simpler, I'm sure.  The fact that the Moores and the Rowlands left one location in preference for another similar location at the same time leads to a chain of circumstances that direct our attention to William and Margaret Hall Moore as the most likely parents of Rodeham Moore.  Stay tuned, for we will try and get her to summarize her findings in a Journal article in the not too distant future.

Regrettably, Joyce has resigned her responsibilities as our Vice-President and Editor of both the Newsletter and Journal so that she can devote more time to a larger Moore project, which she undertook before our association was born.  She is researching and compiling "The Horn Book of Virginia Moore History", and needs to devote her full effort to it in order to meet her publishing deadline and make this resource available to Moore descendants nationwide.  In fact, Merle has also decided to resign from the Board, emphasizing his desire to "retire" again from this role, and both wish to encourage new leaders to take the reigns and put the proverbial shoulder to the wagon.  Wow!  Their departure leaves several very large gaping holes on our Family Association duty roster.  We want to thank Louise Murphy, with Priscilla Rogers help, for stepping forward so capably to take over the duty of Newsletter Editor from Joyce, for you would not be reading these words, were it not for Louise's great efforts.  As for Joyce's other duties as VP and Journal Editor, our immediate need is for a replacement to be found for her Journal Editor duties, knowing that there must be other family articles out there ready for publication in a Journal needing to be published.  Joyce's editorship of the first three Journals in family history will truly be remembered as the most professional and impressive family journal that any of us have ever seen on any family.  Hopefully, we can "corral" Joyce long enough from her larger commitment to provide us with her latest data and analysis on Rodey's ancestors that came before him. It will truly be an important and great report, if we can just get her to write it down for us to have forever.

Dinner that evening was magnificent, thanks to Priscilla and Louise's efforts at preparing the WAM House beautifully, and hiring a local caterer to prepare a wonderful dinner.  Then, came more fun!  As I've said on more than one occasion in the past, one of the greatest joys that I receive as President is to annually preside over the Family Awards Ceremony.  This year was especially rich and satisfying for we recognized the achievements of six of our most outstanding family members.  Distinguished Service Awards were presented to Louise Murphy, Priscilla Rogers, and Merle Moore.  President's Awards were presented to Joyce Browning, Charles Moore, and Ross Cameron.  I could write endlessly on the dedication and accomplishments of each of these wonderfully grand and talented family members, but it is safe to say that words would not say enough.  You need only realize the amount of work, love, and effort that these great family members put into this Family Association, to know how truly blessed we all are for their caring efforts.  Congratulations to them all on this well-deserved recognition!

On a personal note, I also have to especially thank Mary Moore Lewis Hughes and Priscilla Rogers, who spearheaded a "secretive and conspiratorial" effort to present your "humble" President with an award for his efforts.  Thanks to wood from a 300+ year old mahogany  tree at Priscilla Rogers' "Homeplace", I now have a beautiful mallet & plaque to maintain order at our meetings, and display year round on the wall in my corporate office.  Mary also awarded me perhaps the greatest award I may ever receive, that being a copy of her family's prized book "Washington and his Generals", the story of George Washington and 7 of his Revolutionary War Generals.  Published in 1847, and inscribed in 1860 by her great uncle, Hugh A. Moore, this family treasure will always be revered by me for the lessons of history it conveys, and the loving care and endearment with which it was given unto me.  I know it had to be a supreme sacrifice for Mary to bestow this great gift upon me, but I can only thank her from my heart, and rest assured it will be passed on to a future family member who leads us forward to new heights as a Family.  I am but a protector and keeper of its majesty, and I too will share its treasures with another Moore Family President someday.  Thank you again Mary for making this 1999 Reunion a wonderfully special time for me, and especially in the wake of my family tragedy of losing my only brother Al to cancer just a few months before our reunion.  As unexpectedly as I became an orphan at 40, my only sibling's passing three years later has allowed me to cherish this great American Family, and all its special individuals even more.

I've "run on" enough here, but I still need to describe your Associations' ongoing efforts to build a stronger and more effective organization.  At our annual Board    on Sunday morning, we added two new Board members, Richard Kesler and Ross Cameron, who now essentially replace Merle and Joyce as Board Members, and Jay Moore and Kemp Moore switched places, with Jay becoming our new Treasurer and Kemp moving to a board director position.  I want to personally thank Kemp for his stalwart efforts in handling the nitty-gritty job of Treasurer, and leaving us with a much healthier bank account than when he started, although he had lots of help in the area of deposits.  Many, many thanks to all the generous contributors and the dues paying members that sustain our efforts and fund our programs.

Last year, Priscilla Rogers and Louise Murphy performed a beautiful renovation of the Cleon Cemetery on the property of Carol & Doug Killian, overlooking beautiful Cherokee Lake, Tennessee.  Cleon & Margaret Moore's stones were restored and remounted near their gravesites, and we have Priscilla and Louise to thank for this great accomplishment.  Major kudos, ladies!  Priscilla's company put in far more material and labor than we could afford to pay them, when the project needed that extra effort and expense.  Double thanks to Pris for this one!

So with Rodey's graveyard fenced and five new gravestones (soon to be) mounted there, and Cleon's graveyard restored and stones remounted, we can look back on the year as one of great accomplishment and service to our forefathers.  Joyce's editorship of our Newsletters and Journals were spectacular, and we will truly miss her efforts in the months ahead.  Howard Biggs continues to care for the maintenance of our Mooresburg cemeteries, as does wonderful Linda Puckett care for Rodey's graveyard maintenance over in Virginia.  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful and caring custodians of our family's sacred burial places.  We should now begin anew the hunt for the graves of   Rodey's other children.  We know not where the final resting places are of: John, Gallahue, Elizabeth Yoe, and Ewell.  We will soon begin preliminary restoration of the Mooresburg gravesite of Sarah "Sallie" Moore Williams, Rodey & Liz's 8th and youngest known child.  Ultimately, we hope to someday have new gravestones on all 8 children (and their spouses) graves.  Can  you help us find them, or maybe just fund their restoration?  Answer our call when you can, please.

Merle's spectacular new and improved "Rodey 2" is a must for every family member to own, and you may now contact our secretary to obtain your very own copy.  It contains a magnificent array of color and black & white photographs, vignettes, and the 10,000+ member family tree.   Thank  you  Merle, from every family member living and deceased, and most of all, from those yet to come, for they will know their family as descendants with such a rich heritage to honor, thanks to you.  Thank you too to Grace and April, for their patience, understanding, and forbearance in helping Merle complete his God given tasks.  Now, who will take up the task of maintaining his life's work?  Your Board desires to arrange for update and maintenance service for the 8 clan lines descended from Rodey.  We are in the process of digitally transferring Rodey 2 into several genealogy program formats for work efforts by designated "Clan Chiefs".  Yet, we have not the necessary volunteers, as of the moment.  Who will answer the call?  If not you, then whom?  Be courageous, and volunteer today!  Your Family deserves your service on its behalf.

Finally, in our efforts to grow and ever expand this great American Family Association, we will soon enter the bold, new world of the World Wide Web with our very own Rodeham Moore website beginning in early April.  We have already registered the domain name of for our worldwideweb address, and it is our hope that this new "worldly" presence will put us in contact with more "lost" family members, who are right now searching the web for us.  Their search may soon end as we introduce the Rodeham Moore Family to the world.  By the way, we are already making arrangements for our family tree files to be posted on the website, but be reassured that no living persons  will be listed.

As we enter the 21st Century, I want to thank you for the support of so many of you these past two and a half years.  My service to the Family as your President has been one of the most treasured times of my life, even with the ups and downs that leadership inevitably experiences.  With further stewardship from your Board, our membership should grow in the years ahead, especially as the website brings people to us.  Please keep in mind that we need your help more than we can say.  There are never enough hands to do all this good work.  Whether its becoming a "Clan Chief" as a keeper of the family records for a specific line, or writing articles for the Journal about your immediate family, we want you to become more involved in the 21st Century.

Lastly, it is now time for all the Family to join us once again in providing sustenance and empowerment to our meager treasury.  Membership dues ($25) are now due for the year's efforts, so please fill out the attached sheet and update us with your current contact information, especially your e-mail address, and send your $25 check along as soon as possible.  I also want you to make a concerted effort to sign up one additional family member, so we can continue to grow into the new Millennium and carry our message to more family members.  To this end, I'm enclosing two copies of the dues/information sheets, one for you to complete, and another for you to pass along to another potentially interested family member.  Better yet , make several more xerox copies and send them to other family members, so they can enjoy being part of out greater Family too.  It is but a small contribution, and it is truly the lifeblood of out great Family works.  If you'd like to donate additional amounts, please feel free to do so, as your heart leads you.  Our ability to restore our Familys' sacred burial sites is very dependent on these specially donated funds.

Please remember that there is nothing more enriching than the love and concern of Family.  In good times and bad times, we're always there for each other.  Whether we're a distant cousin, or your parents, you should never forget that family matters, and we need to nurture each other.  Little else will seem so rewarding, and our time together will be treasured by us all forever.

See you at "The Homeplace" in Mooresburg on Saturday, October 21, 2000.  Don't miss out.

With all our love and appreciation for your faith and trust in us,