Summer Newsletter 2004
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Dear Family,

Ready or not Missouri, here we come! Yes, it's “Reunion Time” and you are invited!

This Reunion marks the first time that we will leave our “family roots” in Tennessee & North Carolina, and load up our “wagons” and go west, like our Moore pioneers that drove west to southwestern Missouri in the late 1830’s.

Rodey’s 4th child, Galehew Moore, and Rodey’s 6th child, Ewell Moore, both migrated west with several children of their late brother, Rodey’s third child, John Moore, prior to 1840. Ewell and his family moved to Polk County, about 30 miles north of Springfield, and Galehew moved just west of him about 5 miles, near the town of Bona, also 30 miles north of Mt. Vernon. There, they raised their families, and ultimately passed on to the great hereafter.

Although their specific gravesites are unknown, we’ve used a lot of good deductive reasoning to believe that they’re buried on their respective tracts of farm land. All you need to do to learn more, is come to the reunion on Saturday, October 16th in Mt. Vernon, but first go to the website ( and click on “Articles & Archives”, and read my story of the “The Great Hunt for Ewell Moore”.

Since Galehew’s land is now under the Corp of Engineer’s Stockton Lake in Dade County, and Ewell’s son Alexander and his family are all buried in the Moore family cemetery north of Bolivar on Ewell’s old land, your Board has authorized the placement of two memorial stones in that cemetery – one for Ewell and one for Galehew.

In addition to commemorating these two stones, a great moment in Moore Association will occur there that Saturday, as well.

In the summer of 2001, I visited Bolivar researching the history of Ewell & Galehew Moore. Thanks to the help of locals Jack Glendening, Bob Phillips, and Alexander descendant Bob Franklin, we unearthed facts that helped Ross Cameron back in Washington D. C. find the key piece of information in the National Archives pension records of Alexander that conclusively linked him as the son of Ewell. We’ve even since turned up another Ewell son, Wilson Creed Moore, who settled in the Howard/Chariton county area of central Missouri and who had a son named “Euil”. We are currently researching for Euil’s descendants.

On the last afternoon of my visit, I revisited the cemetery and just happened to meet another Alexander descendant, Bob Evans. Bob put me in touch with his first cousin Pauline Malos in California, who has been a co-trustee of a trust that was established by her family years ago to care for and preserve the Moore Cemetery in Bolivar. Sound familiar? Pauline and Bob’s Alexander Moore family ancestors are all buried there.

To make a long story short, after legal help from cousin and Association attorney, Larry Moore, the trustees and our Association Board have decided that we, as the Rodeham Moore Association, should assume the trust. We will have a ceremony to commemorate the passing of the stewardship from Pauline and her family to our Association.

This is truly a great moment in our history – stewardship and perpetual care of the last resting place of Alexander’s family and, with a reasonable sense of certainty, Ewell’s final resting place. Your Board takes this new responsibility with great satisfaction and enthusiasm, like we do for the Dickson-Moore and Williams Cemeteries in Mooresburg, Tennessee, and the Rodeham Moore Cemetery in Patrick, Virginia. Pauline’s trust contains an endowment for the care and upkeep of the cemetery, so our assumption of the responsibility will not in anyway impact our precious treasury.

We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Pauline and her family for having this foresight and sharing our passion to preserve the last resting place of Ewell, Alexander, and their family. Please join me in thanking Pauline and her family this fall at the Reunion.

Lastly, please sign up as soon as possible for the reunion by immediately filling out the paperwork contained in this newsletter. Larry Moore, his father Herb, and all the Moore family members in Mt. Vernon are planning a great day for us in southwest Missouri.

Our day will start at 9 AM. We will meet in the lobby of our headquarters motel, the Comfort Inn on I-44 in Mt. Vernon. Then, it's off to Bolivar in a car caravan to the Moore Cemetery for our gravestone and trust transfer ceremony. We will then proceed to the new Smith’s Restaurant, 1 mile south of Bolivar, for a private room and full buffet lunch. Heading west, we’ll go next to an overlook of Stockton Lake, where we can see the water on top of Galehew’s land, just two miles east of Bona. Further west we’ll go to Dade County’s county seat, Greenfield, and then south back to Mt. Vernon, where, time permitting, we will go to the Roberts Cemetery and Williams Cemetery. Williams family pioneer John Williams, buried at Roberts Cemetery, settled here in 1831 and many Moores joined him in the late 1830’s and early 1840’s. Williams Cemetery was established by Samuel Smith Williams who, with his young family, came with his father John Williams. John Moore’s children, John Williams Moore and Cynthia Ann (Moore) Etter Ellis, settled near cousin Samuel Williams. They and many of their descendants are buried at Williams Cemetery. We’ll hear more about the rich history of our family from local Moore historians.

Larry and Herb have assured me that dinner will be a special treat from one of Mt. Vernon’s top caterers. We’ll meet about 6 PM at the John Taylor Senior Center on Main St. near “downtown” Mt. Vernon for all the festivities. As usual, we’ll recognize our dedicated family members with our annual award ceremony, have our annual meeting, and enjoy the richness and joy of our family after another great day in Moore history.

We’ll also discuss the results of our first DNA test, done by yours truly, me! Hopefully several other Moore family members will have received their results by then, and we’ll have some developing news to discuss. Questions about DNA? Contact me (713-562-5549) or Joyce Browning (703-860-0831) as we lead this important effort to link our Moore family to other Moore families that could very well lead to the discovery of Rodey’s parents and his siblings.

Please, if you’re a male Moore surnamed family member or you know one, go to and have them order the 25-marker test for just $169. We’ll all be so grateful for this simple, easy effort, as we try to build our group database for an eventual link with another family line before Rodey.

Sound like fun? Well, you can be part of all of this by either driving out I-44, or hop a flight into Springfield/Branson Airport, via commuter airlines operated by American, Delta, Northwest, and United. Make your plans today while fares are low! Flights into larger cities like Tulsa, Kansas City and St. Louis might be cheaper. If you can’t make it, please send us a generous donation to pay for the two new memorial gravestones, and be sure to pay your dues as soon as possible.

What a great moment in our family history! So don’t miss it! Make your plans today!

Please follow the registration instructions later in this newsletter or on the website, and plan to be with us on Saturday, October 16th, 2004, in Mt. Vernon, Missouri.

Warmest Regards,