Spring Newsletter 2005
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Dear Cousins,

What an exciting time it is to be in our Moore family! Over the last few months, we've celebrated our annual reunion for the first time in southwest Missouri, as well as boldly entered the new world of DNA genealogy testing. What next! Well stay tuned, because great excitement just keeps happening in this great American family.

First, let me send a heartfelt message of sympathy to our "Founding Mother", Mary Moore Hughes. As many of you may know, Mary and her husband George are family superstars, and were there with Merle, Grace et al, at the beginning of this great Moore Family Association. Several years ago, Mary had a bad fall, and sustained a head injury from which she has still not fully recovered. Although George was not a bloodline Moore, he might as well have been born one, for all the dedication that he gave to our family in support of Mary's efforts for many years. Sadly, George had health issues as well, to which he succumbed in February, leaving Mary to cope with both her ongoing injuries, as well as the grief of losing her husband of 55 years. I know you all join me in extending our sympathy to Mary, but also to celebrate the life of a saint, George Hughes, to which we are all so honored to have known.

This brings to mind the painful reality of our having lost several of our great family giants these past two years. Losing Merle Moore was a great tragedy to us all, followed too soon by our dearly beloved John Moore, and now George Hughes. These great treasures of our family can never be replaced, but as I've tried to point out these past few years, more of us must fill their shoes, in order to sustain the family efforts and help build our future. I can only pray that losses of this magnitude come in threes, and that we will be spared of further passings for a while. In the meantime, please consider getting more involved in our family projects.

What a grand Reunion 2004 was in Mt. Vernon & Bolivar, Missouri! Thanks to the great leadership of Larry Moore, and his father, Herb, we were treated to a great dinner and another memorable meeting there in Mt. Vernon. This was a wonderful ending for a day that took us up to Bolivar to celebrate the placement of two brand new memorial gravestones for Rodey's sons Ewell & Galehew Moore. We placed them in the Moore Cemetery there, which we believe is the final resting place for Ewell. Ewell's son Alexander is buried there, and we know that the last courthouse records of Ewell placed him on that farmland about 1847. Galehew's last known farmland was 5 miles to the west, under what is now Stockton Lake, so we presume he is buried there, and thus placed his marker next to Ewell's. Many of Ewell's descendants attended the ceremonies, and special thanks must go to Pauline Malos for her leadership in protecting the cemetery for many years now, and turning over its stewardship to our Association. Go to our website, and click on the Reunion Activities button to see all the wonderful Reunion pictures.

We now oversee and protect five cemeteries: this one in Bolivar where we have placed new stones for Ewell & Galehew, Rodey & William's cemetery in Ararat, Virginia, as well as mother Elizabeth, Hugh, John's cemetery in Mooresburg, as well as Cleon's and Sarah's nearby. This makes your dues payments and donations each year, so very important, for it is with those precious dollars that we do all this work.

Which brings me to my next thought, please send us your annual dues payment as soon as possible, as well as a small (or large) donation, if at all possible. In addition, to helping pay for gravestones and cemetery maintenance, your continuing dues support helps us print and mail this newsletter and directory, maintain the website, and conduct research into the great unknown of Rodey's lineage. A good example of such generosity is our dear Cousin Charles Moore. Once again, Charles has printed another family publication, our directory, free of charge and so he deserves one more great big "Thank You", for a job well done! May God Bless Charles!

At Mt. Vernon, we also recognized our most dedicated family members with our special rewards for exemplary service and valor to the family. This year, we awarded the Distinguished Service Award to Larry Moore, Ross Cameron, and Charles Moore, and the President's Award to Ruth Moore, Bob Franklin, Bob Phillips, and Jack Glendening. Such dedication and commitment as these fine family members have demonstrated, are examples for all of us to honor and follow.

Good news! Thanks to our attorney Larry Moore, we now have earned IRS tax status, so any donations (not dues), can be deducted on your tax return. Good job, Larry! So, let's donate away!

In addition, don't forget to mark Saturday October 29th, 2005 on your calendar for our next reunion, as we return to Priscilla's wonderful B&B in Mooresburg, for a Reunion of great activity, news and excitement. Pris and Louise are already planning a fun-filled action packed weekend.

Much of our newest excitement centers around our DNA project, which has produced truly wondrous results since we fully embraced it at the Missouri Reunion last October. Eight of us males descended from five of the six male Moore lines from Rodey - William, Hugh, John, Cleon, & Ewell lines, have all produced DNA test results that match to establish a clear 25-marker exact match from at least one Moore from each line. We've now posted these results on the worldwide Moore DNA project website as Group # 11 (turquoise color bars), in the hopes that someday, some other Moores' around the world will match our DNA. Hopefully, they will be able to link to "Rodey's DNA", and then share their older history to help us determine his parents, uncles, and/or siblings. An exact match may take many years of waiting, but you can watch with all of us as the list of Moore surname project
participants grows at the following website: How does this all work? Let me try and explain.

Many families like ours can fairly accurately research their ancestors back into the early 1800's, with existing historical records, many of which are available on-line. However, few records exist before the first US census in 1790, so it gets very tough to go farther back before then, and many families like ours, have been unable to research their families prior to about 1770. After 50 years of our family research, by some of our greatest family researchers, Rodey's parents and siblings are still unknown to us, Ultimately, a real hope to continue the research is to establish a link to another Moore family that knows its history prior to 1770.

As a result, we are looking for assistance from science-driven DNA research efforts. If you go to, you can learn more about the science behind this kind of DNA research test, and more about the interesting fact that only male Moore-named individuals carry the "Y-DNA" markers that are useful for comparison. This methodology is very helpful at establishing links between present day Moore families, but only by comparing historical records in the hands of other similarly named DNA comparators, can we make real progress in adding more "roots" to our Rodeham Moore family tree, if markers between us and other Moore families match.

Thus, somewhere in the world today are other male Moore-named individuals descended not only from my Rodeham Moore, but more importantly, from any male brothers he might have had, as well as their Moore-named male parent, uncles, and grandfathers back for more generations. In short, there are many more Moore-named people walking around the world today with the same 25-marker DNA as my 4 other Rodey-line cousins and I have, and we want to learn of them, and see if their known family trees go back past Rodey's era. Worldwide, a tiny fraction of the male Moore-named people living today likely have a family tree written down that goes back prior to 1770, but those that do, are the ones that truly need to be in the DNA project to provide invaluable research to the history of Moore-named males everywhere. Ask every Moore you know outside our family if they know there lineage, and if they do know it back before 1770, please help them get tested and become part of this worldwide Moore DNA project.

If you know of other Moores outside our family, please encourage them to also participate. The kits can be ordered from Family Tree DNA in Houston at 713-868-1438, or on their website by clicking on the link, where they can order one, as well as sign up for the project. I recommend they order at least the 25-marker kit for $169 initially. The kit consists of 2 cotton swabs, used to swab around inside
your mouth, and 2 small vials to preserve the swab during return mail, as well as the mailer to send it back.

Only by spreading the word about this project to other Moore families around the world, can we ever hope to solve many Moore family genealogy mysteries, because there just aren't many paper records to research before 1770. Only a small fraction of the Moore families in the world know their genealogy prior to that time, most likely because it has been handed down from generation to generation in family bibles etc., and those are the Moore families that are particularly in need of being tested. With their paper trail and then their DNA analysis, other less fortunate Moore families like ours, may be able to link to their family tree information.

In closing, let me just plead for your prompt attention to your renewal of your annual dues, and urge you to plan to attend our Mooresburg Reunion again this fall. It will be a wonderful Reunion of news, exploring, history, and family! What more could you ask for?

May God bless you in the year ahead, and all who are Our Great American Family!

Warmest Regards,