Fall Newsletter - Sept. 2006
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Cousins,

With Labor Day behind us, and my 50th Birthday milestone rapidly approaching this Saturday (the 9th), I'm writing  my column amidst an overly scheduled September calendar, and a feverish event preparation process that Louise, Priscilla, Joyce, and I are scheduling for this year's exciting Moore Annual Reunion on Saturday October 28th, 2006 in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.

Excitement is rapidly building for this year's 2006 Reunion, because we are headed back to Mt. Airy, where we'll visit Rodey's Cemetery near Ararat, Virginia, his grandson's William Alfred Moore House in the heart of old Mt. Airy, North Carolina, AND an excitingly new afternoon-long field trip, led by our dear cousin Joyce Browning, as we drive caravan-style across the nearby countryside to view and set foot on some of the nearly 5,000 acres that Rodey & Family apparently owned in this little area, around the turn of the 19th century. Destinations may include Rodey's mill site landscape in the northeast corner of Surry County, NC, maybe the granite quarry, and possibly the historic "Hollow Museum" in Ararat where the local pioneering families and their log cabins are remembered.

If that's not incentive enough for you to come, we're going to have several grand "unveilings and celebrations" at the Reunion, with the long-anticipated 2006 edition of the Journal being available there, AND our beautiful and stylish Rodeham Moore Family Rosette Crest Logo clothing and cups, ready for your first purchase. Reunion participants will be the first ones to receive these handsome and endearing keepsakes, that will feature our exclusive family Rosette w/association logo contained on them.

If ordering goes as planned this week, we will be offering three new merchandise items this year: 1) fine button-down denim shirts, in both long sleeve and short sleeve (sizes M-L-XL-XXL), with the family rosette & logo embroidered in gold thread on the chest pocket; 2) comfy, navy blue-colored baseball caps (supposedly one size fits all), also containing a similarly embroidered gold thread crest with logo on the front facing, and 3) short, wide-mouth, white plastic stadium drink cups with the rosette with logo printed in navy blue on the side. Prices for these items are yet to be finalized, but if you'd like to order them sight unseen, you can send your requests with check payable to the Association, at an estimated price of $35 per shirt, $20 per cap, and $3 per cup, with a $5 shipping & handling fee per order. If you order and send us your check by September 30th, we can perhaps lower the cost to the Association a little bit, by placing a larger quantity order.  In any event, mail Louise your order request with check asap, and we'll have the items at the Reunion, or ship them shortly thereafter.

The amazing 2006 Journal is in its final edits, and should definitely be out in time for the Reunion. Charlie Moore's wonderful team of son-JR Moore, and (unrelated) Doyle Moore, performing their usual "magical masterpieces" on Joyce and my Moore Family research, using their generous expertise, materials, and resources, provided to us free of charge. We should thank the good Lord for Charlie's benevolence and generosity, because from the Rodey 2 book, to past Journals, our Directory, and now this biggest and greatest Journal, Charlie has been our printer/publisher donating his precious resources to our Family. We should always remember Charlie's generosity, and thank the good Lord for Charlie and his family, in our prayers.

Wow! Have you been to the website lately - It is now bursting with new information, photos, research, and soon - merchandise! You can download and print off a copy of our Moore Cookbook, or order a copy pre-printed for you; and get a special, one-of-a-kind Mooresburg Springs T-Shirt, and of course, look at all the wonderful pictures of reunion fun, cemeteries, gravestones, and award winners - all right. Thanks to the care and expertise of our new webmaster - my close friend Stan Stanart, we can expect even more surprises in the months ahead. Many thanks to retiring webmaster Darrell Hardy, who served us well for over 5 years! 

The website contains great new links to our postings on the worldwide Moore DNA project, along with photos of every new gravestone the Association has established, as part of our gravestone/graveyard project. You'll find our Reunion News centered there, as well as our bylaws, meeting minutes, my past newsletter columns, as well as our pre-1900 Family Tree. For our Rodeham Moore Family, itís the one-stop shop for Rodey information, research, news, and merchandise. What a great way to stay on top of "Everything Rodey"!

One last time for this year, I will remind a very few of you that it is long past time for your Annual dues to have been paid, so please send us your $25 annual dues check with your Reunion registration. There are always a few folks that wait until reunion time to send in their dues check, so I'm reminding you now to do so. Those precious funds go toward supporting all our important projects, such as the gravestone purchases, cemetery maintenance, mailing this newsletter, website, directory, the DNA project, as well as distribution of the Journal. Frankly, without your critical financial support, we could never do all that we do to keep this Association exciting and actively pursuing meaningful projects to celebrate our great American Family!

So, make your plans and reservations today for our next BIG reunion on Saturday October 28th, as we return to Mt. Airy, North Carolina for a reunion of adventure and fellowship. Bring your cameras, your walking shoes, and driving scarves, as we set off across the countryside in search of Rodey's lands! This will be an expedition you won't want to miss!

Call it the "Roads of Rodey's World", and join us for a truly, magical Reunion, you'll never forget!

As always, may the good Lord bless you, keep you safe, as well as all our precious descendants of Rodey & Liz.!

Warmest Regards,