Spring Newsletter - 2008
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Moore Cousins,

Whooooosh! Like a big Texas tornado, the Moore Family Reunion blew into Texas, and Gatesville will never be the same. On a gorgeous picture perfect Saturday in late October, 50 Moore family members descended on Gatesville, Texas for our first ever Texas Reunion. As are all things in Texas, it was big, it was great fun, and it was a spectacular time for all, as we  celebrated the past, present, and future of this great American Family!

As we left the Gatesville Holiday Inn Express caravan-style Saturday morning, the good Lord provided a spectacular picture perfect day of cool, dry, and gorgeous Texas weather. Our first stop was near the old ruins of the home of Jesse Hopkins Moore & wife Anna Hanna Moore. Descended from James Madison Moore, and his father (Rodey's child) Hugh G. Moore, who would have thought that two separate descendant lines from Rodey, would have come to settle in central Texas, not but an hours drive west of Waco, and southwest of Forth Worth/Dallas.

Jack Moore Railsback, great grandson of Jesse & Anna, a former county judge in nearby Meridian in the 1960's, gave us an outstanding account of the life of Jesse & Anna and their family, as well as the property and home that they built and maintained for half a century. Blown over and damaged beyond repair by a small tornado that pounded the old metal windmill next to it into the ground, this grand old house is barely a pile of collapsed walls and roof now. Despite its appearance today, Jack showed us a spectacular painting that he had painted of the house in its heyday, and what a beautiful site it was to see. Jack may be an amateur painter, but he is an expert amateur, as we could all see what a grand place it used to be. Traipsing through the tall grasses, we all stretched our legs and walked the land that Jesse & Anna Hopkins and walked over a century ago, as we walked around the ruins like ancient Greece. What a treat, and many thanks to Jack and his lovely wife Billie for their hospitality and many efforts in bringing us closer to their side of our Moore Family that entire weekend.

Jack led us next to the Hanna Cemetery nearby, where both Jesse Hopkins Moore and wife Anna rest to this very day. A little overgrown, the ground cover included beautiful irises planted decades ago, as well as that dry Texas earth plant, Lecheguilla, that looks like clusters of daggers. Thanks to the efforts of our retiring Secretary Louise Murphy, we laid a gorgeous wreath at the graves.

Onward we drove, with a detour around Lake Meridian in an unintended game of "follow the lead car" down dead end roads at the lake, but it was a beautiful drive, nonetheless. Next stop, was none other than the town nearest the western White House, Crawford, Texas. Although President Bush was not around that weekend, we certainly got to eat at his favorite restaurant, and peruse every kind of presidential souvenir you can possibly imagine. After a fine Texas lunch at the Coffee Station in Crawford and the Coffee Shop in McGregor, to accommodate our big group, we rolled on down the road to touch our Cleon Moore line of history, that being none other than the life and times of Confederate General John Creed Moore. We first stopped at the final home of the former General, a place of tranquility and repose as he lived out his life in retirement from having been school superintendent in his final role of service. Serving his country and serving his community has always been the "Mark of a Moore", and so many of his descendants have served similarly. Sadly, our modern retired Gen. Marc Moore and his family had to cancel their trip to attend the reunion at the last minute, since their home came close to being damaged by those awful California fires that weekend. I'm sure Marc will join us again soon, and share his impressions and knowledge of his great military ancestor.

Onward we drove to the Osage Cemetery, a well-maintained cemetery on the high plains of Osage, Texas, where we stopped and paid our respects to Gen. John Creed Moore, and thanks again to dear Louise, we placed a wreath in honor of his memory. After my graveside review of his life and times, we drove on into town to be treated to an after-hours tour of the Gatesville Museum.  Thanks to the brilliance and generosity of our very own Sara Jane Fields, another John Creed Moore descendant, we were excited to see her donated cannonball from the Battle of Shiloh, which is now part of the display there honoring John Creed Moore. Sarah Jane recounted the story of her preserving of this cannonball, as well as the military achievements and disappointments of the General.

Back to the Holiday Inn Express for a little "Texas Vistin'", and a spectacular treat from Sara Jane Fields. Sarah brought a beautiful "Family Tree" painted on a bedsheet of all her Cleon Moore family branches. What a tremendous family keepsake! Sara, we thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treasure with us all! It was a glorious wonder to behold.

If that wasn't impressive enough, Sara lead off our storytelling time with a delightful review of John Creed Moore and the many books and articles that cover his life of achievement and service. Dwain Place, brother of Barbara McCann, presented Barbara's daughter's powerpoint presentation on John Creed Moore, which you can now view on our Rodeham Moore website, on the "Articles and Archives" page. Done for a class project years ago, itís an excellent summary of his Civil War leadership. Clint also reviewed some of the information that Gen. Marc Moore had obtained about his illustrious ancestor, Gen. John Creed Moore and was not able to present in person.

On to dinner we all went, with a private dining room at the Ranchers Steakhouse and Grill and plenty of Texas Toast, Texas Beef, Texas Veggies, and Texas Desert. As is our great Tradition, and with the approval of our Board of Directors, I presented four awards that evening, to our most deserving family members for the year.

First, I presented two Presidents Awards to two very deserving family members. First, was that unsung hero to us and his sweetie Louise, Larry Murphy.  Larry married into the family when he chose Louise as his lifelong bride, and little did he know he'd become a super volunteer to us all. Thank you, Larry for all your support of Louise and our many projects and efforts. Next, was a new star, a Texas belle from right there in the area, Jerry Hill. Not only did Jerry work tirelessly with superstar Priscilla Rogers in organizing the Texas Reunion, she has also assumed the role of one of two "Assistant Secretaries", as the Secretary job desperately needed to be subdivided. Louise will continue as Secretary, but with some of the duties shared by Jerry, and another Assistant Secretary, Joyce Browning.. Jerry did a great job helping Pris organize this Texas Reunion, as well as come up with refreshments and arrangements at the motel, and we greatly appreciate her willingness to serve on the Board in this new role, as well.

Thanks to Priscilla Rogersís year long efforts here in Texas, as she traveled to Dallas often in her professional work, she found time to work with Jerry and visit all the sights of our Reunion, and arrange for all the events and locations for this jammed pack day of fun and family. Without Pris's leadership here on the ground in Texas, aided capably by Jerry, this Reunion would not have been possible. Thanks to Pris for her never-ending dedication to our Family, and for her efforts this year, the Board felt she was clearly deserving of our Distinguished Service Award for her outstanding efforts this year.

Lastly, but not "leastly" by any means, was a very special award that brought tears to the eyes of many. A special "Founders" award needed to be given to a very, very special lady. In the past, we had created and bestowed the "Founding Father" Award to Merle Moore, and our "Founding Mother" Award to Mary Moore Hughes (who is a direct descendant of Jesse Hopkins Moore). Louise Murphy has given so much of her heart, her soul, her energy, and her spirit to this Association as our Secretary these past many years. Without Louise's dedicated efforts, we would have struggled to get out our newsletter, collect dues, maintain our membership role, and so many other administrative duties. As she finally asked for help this past summer, and we have embraced Jerry Hill and Joyce Browning as Assistant Secretaries, we want to thank Louise for her years of very dedicated and exemplary service, with our bestowing a "Founding Secretary" Award to her. Thank you, Louise, from all of us that love you and appreciate you, more than mere words can ever say. May the Lord bless you for your service to this Family!

With that, the reunion day came to wonderful close, and we all fell exhausted into our motel beds, with memories to never forget such a great day in the life of our Family. Go to our wonderful website and see all the photos from the day, under the "Past Reunions" and then "Reunion Activities" tab. There are some really fun ones there.

In the next Newsletter, I'll review the Board activities from the next day, but for now, plan on joining us in Mt. Vernon, Missouri on Saturday October 18th, 2008 for the next Moore Family Reunion.

Don't forget to check out our website - All our Moore Family shirts, caps, cups, cookbooks, are available there (and at the Reunion), as well as our family photos from the Great Texas Reunion! The website also contains great new links to our postings on the worldwide Moore DNA project, along with photos of every new gravestone the Association has established, as part of our gravestone/graveyard project. You'll find our Reunion News centered there, as well as our bylaws, meeting minutes, my past newsletter columns, as well as our pre-1900 Family Tree. For our Rodeham Moore Family, itís the one-stop shop for Rodey information, research, news, and merchandise. What a great way to stay on top of "Rodey's World"!

How's your "Moore Oral & Video History" project coming along. Have you sat down and recorded the family memories of your Moore elders?  If not, please do so this summer, so we can capture those memories before they pass on. Our mission is to energize each family member to sit down with their Moore elders and "debrief" them on their memories of family history. We want them to tell us about their Moore parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and all their Moore elders, so we can preserve this important history for generations to come. Ideally, the recordings will be made on CD/DVD's, or transferred from tape recordings to this optimally preservable media, after their capture. Please think about your Moore elders, and set up a time to sit down with them and record your family line's Moore history. Your generations to come will be eternally grateful to you for your efforts today!

May God continue to bless you this summer, and plan on joining us in Missouri this October! In the meantime, please write that dues check today. May God Bless you for your continued dedication to our great American Moore Family!

Warmest Regards,