Fall Newsletter - 2008
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Moore Cousins,

Wow! What a year 2008 has already proven to be - and we've still got 3 months left! What between Elections, Olympics, and Hurricanes, it's "been a doosey" so far. What better reason to gather with us and your extended Moore family in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, for our Annual Moore Reunion on Saturday October 18th, and let the Missouri Moores show us their famous hospitality.

As I write this, we're less than 30 days away from the Reunion, and thanks to Hurricane Ike, my computer (and house) here in north Houston is running off generator power, but without air conditioning. Yep, even though we are 75 miles north of Galveston near the big Houston Bush airport, electricity has not yet been restored to most of Houston, 72 hours after Ike rolled right over my house. Winds gusts were about 100 mph even up here, but thankfully none of our many trees crashed into the house. We did lose several big branches, hundreds of little ones, and a section of our wrought iron fence, bent by the crash of a very big pine branch. Night-time hurricanes are particularly stressful, as the winds howl, the house is buffeted, the rain pours down around you, and you can't see much of anything that is happening outside. Both Hurricane Rita (2005) and Ike hit us between midnight and daybreak, and both times we lost power at 4am, but in the case of Ike, it all was still going on at daybreak. With daylight, it was definitely less stressful to be able to see the trees bend with each 90-100 mph gust, the rain pouring down horizontally in waves across the street and yard, and the debris flying everywhere. Blessed are we all for our deliverance from the many dangers of this massive storm, and please pray for the many who suffered losses so much more than most.

It's times like these that one relies on faith, family, and friends. Therefore, I'm doubly looking forward to our Reunion next month! We'll be meeting on Saturday morning at 9am at the Mt. Vernon Comfort Inn (417-466-4511), and then set out on a Missouri journey of history and fun, with stops at 1) Stockton Lake overlook to view Galehew Moore's submerged farm land, 2) Moore Cemetery in Bolivar, to place wreaths at Ewell & Galehew Moore's commemorative stones, and then 3) down to Mt. Vernon for some exciting George Moore history, involving gunfights and other family lore. Lunch will be at a Bolivar restaurant and dinner at a Mt. Vernon restaurant. All in all, it will be a delightful day of Moore history and fun, made more enjoyable by your presence and enthusiastic participation. Larry, Herb, and the entire Missouri Moore family are so excited to host this year's reunion, and can't wait to see you!

Before you set out for Missouri, don't forget to check out our website - All our Moore Family shirts, caps, cups, cookbooks, are available there (and at the Reunion), as well as our family photo album of reunions, cemeteries, gravestones, and award winners! The website contains great new links to our postings on the worldwide Moore DNA project, along with photos of every new gravestone the Association has established, as part of our gravestone/graveyard project. You'll find our Reunion News and fascinating historical Moore family articles archived there, as well as our bylaws, meeting minutes, my past newsletter columns, as well as our pre-1900 Family Tree. For our Rodeham Moore Family, itís the one-stop shop for Rodey information, research, news, and merchandise. It's a "one stop" shop for our Rodey Family! Check it out today!

Lastly, let me humbly request that you be sure and send in your $25 check for your annual Association dues. Your valuable dues make our cemetery projects and this newsletter possible! Please help us keep the cemeteries cared for, and the association in touch with all our family members. We've even provided a return address envelope for your convenience. Please honor us with your dues check today!

Don't miss out. Come and "Show me" in Missouri!


Warmest Regards,