Summer 2000 Letter from President Dwight "Clint" Moore: 

Dear Family,

I hope your summer has been enjoyable and maybe even a little relaxing, for as I write this message at the end of August, we're only 2 months away from gathering in Mooresburg, TN. for our first Moore Reunion of the new Millenium! Think of it, and if you make your plans now, you'll always be able to tell your family, "I was there in 2000"!!

It is indeed time for all Moore Cousins to start getting ready to reunite together at "The Homeplace" B&B for a wonderful weekend of family reunioning, with the festivities to begin on Saturday morning, October 21st. This 2000 Reunion weekend, will undoubtedly be another unforgettable time together, thanks very much to the efforts of all of you. This year, our "Millenium 2000 Reunion" will be even more enriching, for we're going to allocate more time for sharing our family ties and our family stories.

On Saturday morning, we'll all meet at "The Homeplace" for some coffee and danish about 9:00 a.m., and then set out for the nearby cemetery about 9:30 a.m., where our matriarch, Elizabeth Gallahue Moore is buried. After paying our respects to Liz, with appropriate wreath and prayer, we'll motor over to our latest cemetery restoration project, where Rodey & Liz's 8th child, Sarah "Sallie" Moore Williams is buried.

Under restoration at this writing, it will hopefully by then be protected with a new fence, and her gravestone restoration near completion. After seeing this new work, for which Treasurer Jay Moore has taken responsibility, we'll stop by "Cook's by a Creek", a new restaurant in Mooresburg for some sustenance, and then proceed from there about 1:00pm to view the wonderful work that Priscilla Rogers and her family team performed for us last summer in restoring Cleon Moore's gravesite. As always, we thank Carol & Doug Killian for their continued careful stewardship of the land upon which Cleon and his wife rest. We'll need a head count for this trip, since we need to inform the Killians as to the expected number of visitors, so be sure to register for this special visit.

Following this exciting three gravesite "Moore Family Field Trip", we then proceed back to the "The Homeplace" for the next event on our program. Last year, we started a new tradition in the late evening of "Getting to know the Moores", but, due to the limited time, not everyone was able to participate. This year, we're going to try and make this event our feature for the afternoon, and ask you to bring photos, papers, and stories about your present family and your ancestors. Either way, beginning at 3 p.m. until 5:30 p.m., we'll schedule nearly three hours of 15-20 minute presentations each, where you can tell us all you want about your Moore Family. We are also going to invite two of our oldest cousins to participate in this sharing, so you won't want to miss an opportunity to hear their delightful oral history. Both are in their 90's and have much to tell us about our ancestors, so be sure to come back to the "The Homeplace" by 3pm. So bring your family photos, and even the family members themselves, and let us get to know each other better, as you present "Getting to know the Moores".

At 5:30 p.m., we'll start our refreshment hour, followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m., and our Business Meeting and (in)famous (?) Awards Ceremony about 8:00 p.m. This is always a special moment of the Reunion, where we try and recognize the Herculean efforts of our special members that have toiled so diligently on behalf of the Family, during the past year.

Sound like fun? Well we thought you would agree, this year we'll have even more time for visiting and reunioning! So, follow the registration instructions enclosed in this newsletter, and plan to be with your extended Moore Family on October 21, 2000 in Mooresburg, Tennessee.

Now, if that weren't enough excitement, you might want to see what our family looks like ON THE INTERNET! Yes, we're live, on-line on the World Wide Web at You can view over 10 pages of interesting family information, and even peruse Richard Kessler's version of our Moore Family Tree, with over 1,500 individuals and 500 families contained therein. This file, generously edited down and prepared by Richard, represents our basic Family Tree, but without current family information for living or recently deceased family members. This precaution protects these family vital statistics from any worldwide mischief makers.

If you have some minor difficulty seeing the "shooting stars" around the rosette in the upper left hand corner, or words clipped apart, please first contact your web browser supplier (Netscape Navigator or MS Explorer) at their website, and receive a free, updated version of your browser software over the internet. This should fix most problems gaining access with older browsers. After all, you won't want to miss all the "bells & whistles" that we've put on this beautiful website! We hope you are as proud of this global presence, as we are, and look forward to building up this site with more Moore info in the days ahead. We're already seeing "hits" from around the world. Check it out, and see for yourself!

In addition, your President and the Board arranged for the erection of a nice new granite gravestone over Rodey's grave last fall, and over 50 Moore Cousins christened the gravesite anew for generations to come at our reunion in Mt. Airy last year. So emotional a moment was it for many, that $2,000 was raised to erect similar new gravestones for William & Jane Moore, as well as Hardin Moore & wife Ann's grave sites, next to Rodey's new stone. Many thanks again to Cousin Bill Cole for generously donating $1,000 for two stones and to one of our greatest Board members, who anonymously donated another $1,000 for erecting the two others.

Your Board has since agreed on the vital statistic dates and wording to place on each stone, and by the time you read this newsletter, all four new stones will have been erected over in Rodey's Cemetery, in Patrick Co. Va., on the hallowed ground of Georgia & Linda Puckett. Thanks too to these two wonderful "shepherds" of our family, watching over Rodey and his descendants everyday for all of us!

Of course, we're still hunting for the graves of Rodey's other children. We still don't know where the final resting places are of: John, Gallahue, Elizabeth Yoe, and Ewell. We presume John is buried in one of the Mooresburg cemeteries, since he died there in 1822, but where? We know Gallahue died in Dade Co., Missouri in 1854, so we assume his grave is there, but where? We assume Ewell died in Polk Co., Missouri between his last census notation in 1840, and his lack of presence in any census in 1850, but where? Lastly, we have reports that Elizabeth Moore Yoe died in Jefferson Co., Tennessee, and may be buried with her husband there, but where? Since our restoration of Rodey & Liz gravesites, and the gravesites of four of their eight children, is now well along to completion, we want to find the other four children too. Can you help us find them, or maybe just fund their restoration? We need to enlist you in this great quest, so our Family Association can honor them with restoration, as well. Please, if you live near these locations, consider being our "chief investigator" on the ground in those communities.

Wow! What great accomplishments for our great American Family! Rodey's graveyard preserved, and our very own Family website! What next? Well, just wait and see! A new Journal should be coming your way soon, and if you haven't purchased your own copy of Merle Moore's "Rodey2", it is now available for $75 for members from Secretary Louise Murphy. It will be on sale at the reunion and contains a magnificent array of color and black & white photographs, vignettes, and the 10,000+ member family tree. Thanks be to "Founding Father" Merle for putting this wonderful 500+ page book together for us, and to Publisher Charlie Moore for publishing it at a price that all can afford.

Your Board still desires to arrange for update and maintenance service for the 8 clan line family trees descended from Rodey, as we struggle to find a way to maintain and update the massive records contained in Rodey2. There are over 10,000 individual names, and over 5,000 families listed therein. We continue to be in the process of digitally transferring Rodey 2 into several genealogy program formats for work efforts by future designated "Clan Chiefs". Yet, we have not the necessary "Clan chiefs", as of the moment. Who will answer the call? If not you, then whom? Be courageous, and volunteer today! Your Family deserves your dedicated service on its behalf.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone to be sure you've renewed your membership once again in providing sustenance and empowerment to our meager treasury. Membership dues ($25) were due in May for the year 2000's efforts, so if it's "slipped your mind", please fill out the attached sheet and update us with your current contact information, especially your e-mail address, and send your $25 check along as soon as possible. I also want you to make a concerted effort to sign up at least one additional family member, so we can continue to grow throughout the new Millennium and carry our message to more family members. To this end, I'm enclosing two copies of the dues/information sheets, one for you to complete, and another for you to pass along to another potentially interested family member. Better yet, xerox it and sign up several cousins, and above all, please bring them to the Reunion with you in October. Members who sign up a minimum of six (6) new dues-paid members will receive one complimentary copy of "Rodey 2", which is a $75 value!

Your annual dues are but a small contribution, and it is truly the financial lifeblood of our great Family works. If you'd like to donate additional amounts, please let your heart lead you as you feel best. Our ability to restore our Family's' sacred burial sites is very dependent on these specially donated funds, as best evidenced by last year's wondrous $2,000+ special donations.

Please remember that there is nothing more enriching than the love and concern of Family. Having now lost both my parents, and my only sibling, at my "young adult" age of 44, I can personally attest to the strength and comfort that all my Cousins bring to me. In good times and bad, we're always there for each other. Whether we're a distant cousin, or your own parents or children, you should never forget that family matters, and we all need to appreciate and nurture each other more. After all, that's always been the "Moore" way! Little else will seem so rewarding, and these brief reunion times together will be even more treasured by us all forever.

See you at "The Homeplace" in Mooresburg, TN on Saturday, October 21, 2000. Don't miss out, register for the "Millennium 2000 Reunion" today!

With all our love and appreciation for your continued faith and trust in us,