Spring 2001 Letter from President Dwight "Clint" Moore: 

2001 : Our Moore Family Time Odyssey!

Well, dear Cousins, I was but a young child when the book "2001: A Space Odyssey" was written, so it hardly seems possible that we're actually living in the year 2001. But, we are! We are indeed the only Moores (whom we know of) in our family line to see the dawn of a new Millenium. Of course, at 1,000 A.D., 0 A.D., and 1,000 B.C., our ancestors were obviously there, but still, we will likely never know who they were that lived back then. Too bad! I'd have liked to known of them.

Our gathering in Mooresburg, Tennessee this past October was another great moment in the life of our "modern" Family. Priscilla Rogers and Glenda Davis hosted us again with their extraordinary Tennessee Moore hospitality and special attention, as about 60 Moore cousins traveled in from every coast to be with us for those precious 12 hours of fun and fellowship that we enjoy together every year. Our biggest Moore contingency (outside of Tennessee) came from Missouri this year, and we were as excited to meet and greet them, as they were to be a branch of our great big Moore Family Tree.

This year, our activities for the daytime centered around our first "Moore Family Fieldtrip" which involved our visitation to the three key cemeteries where several of our Moore "First Family" are buried. We started our morning with Board Member, Mary Hughes laying a wonderful ceremonial wreath on Elizabeth Gallahue Moore's gravestone at the Moore-Dickson Cemetery, not far from Priscilla Roger's, Home Place B&B. Mary spoke so eloquently about the history of Elizabeth and her and Rodeham's 8 children, and remarked about son Hugh's (and his wife Rebecca's) gravestone just a few feet away from Elizabeth's. Both original stones have the characteristic "Rosettes" on them, as do the Cleon & wife Margaret Moore gravestones several miles away.

Our second stop involved a unique but fun hay bale trailer ride, courtesy of Jim Rogers's pickup truck, up a pasture hill to the newly restored Sally Moore William's graveyard. There, Jay Moore, Jim Rogers, and Gary Morgan had expended "tons" of sweat and effort in remounting Sallie and George William's 12 foot tall obelisk monument. This beautiful monument had been lying on its side in this unfenced pasture for many decades! The kind landowners, Oscar and Nelson Dalton, had given us permission to restore the stones and fences at the cemetery for generations to come. After a ceremony placing another beautiful ceremonial wreath on Sallie & George's monument, we rode our hay bale trailer back down to the cars and visited with the Dalton's in their farmhouse, now over 100 years old. There, we presented him with a commemorative plaque as a small token of our appreciation for his generous cooperation with our restoration efforts. Thank you again to the Daltons! Off we headed to lunch at Cooks by the Creek Restaurant, where a hearty feast of BBQ was enjoyed by all.

We then went on our last stop of our "Great Moore Field Trip" at the Killian homeplace, where Carol & Bob Killian have graciously allowed us to restore the gravesites of Cleon Moore and his wife, Margaret Creed. We placed another beautiful wreath here, as well. These magnificent tabletop-tomb tops were painstakingly repaired, and their lettering enhanced, by the expert efforts of the Home Place Repair Co. so that they now look almost new. The Killian's joined us for the visit, and we were pleased to present them with a commemorative plaque too, as a small token of our appreciation for their generous efforts in cooperating and assisting with our restoration. Thank you again Carol & Bob!

So, now we can congratulate our Family for preserving the gravesites of Rodey & Elizabeth, as well as 4 of their 8 children William, Cleon, Hugh, and Sallie, along with their spouses. Now if we only knew where John, Gallahue, Ewell, and Elizabeth were buried, we could complete the goal of our Family to provide strong, long-lasting granite stones at all their gravesites. What a great accomplishment for our great American Family to have achieved more than half the task, and what a blessed day it will be someday when we have stones in place for all 8 children and their spouses. It's especially exciting to see Rodey's graveyard in Patrick Co., Va. preserved with a strong gated-fence, and new granite gravestones for Rodey, with son William, and grandson Hardin and their wives flanking his grave on each side. Wow! What an accomplishment for us all!

Dinner was a feast, as always! Glenda Davis and sister Linda Morie's efforts at organizing the dinner again this year, was a wonderful treat. Thank you, Ladies! Then, it was time for one of the greatest joys that I perform as President; to annually preside over the Family Awards Ceremony. This year was especially rich and satisfying, for we recognized the achievements of 4 of our most outstanding family members. After consultation with other members of the Board in the weeks leading up to the meeting, we decided to give our Distinguished Service Award to Jay Moore, Jr., Richard Kesler, and Merle Moore, and I decided to give three President's Awards, one each to Priscilla Rogers, Louise Murphy, and my webpage expert & friend, non-member Darrell Hardy. I could write endlessly on the dedication and accomplishments of each of these wonderfully grand and talented family members, but it is safe to say that words would not say enough. You need only realize the substantial amount of work all four of these valiant family members dedicates frequently to our Association. We are indeed truly blessed to have such Family!.Congratulations to them all on this well-deserved recognition!

In addition, I was truly touched by Priscilla's presentation to me from the Board of one of the first copies of Merle's magnificent Rodey 2 book, hot off Charlie's presses, and Mary Hughes's incredibly wonderful gift to me of a family linen tablecloth, that even had embroidered rosettes around the edge. Wow! Thank you so much Mary, Priscilla, and to the Board, as well. Your generosity is so appreciated by me, and your kindness loved by us all. Since all my parents and siblings have passed away, it has been a joy to have family like all of you to gain strength and encouragement from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Hopefully, you've now been out to our wonderful webpage, and read all the exciting news of our continued activities. Thanks to my dear friend Darrell Hardy, our maintenance of this page only costs us $15/month to the ISP. In recognition of his volunteer efforts, our Board gave Darrell a Distinguished Service Award too. Soon, you'll want to check out the new Reunion photograph pages on the website. Darrell and I are working as we speak, to get this uploaded soon. Watch us at, and tell your family and relatives to visit the site too.

At our Annual Board meeting on Sunday morning, we talked further about what to do about the unknown locations of Gallahue, Ewell, John, and Elizabeth's graveyards. Family lore has it that John is buried in the same Dickson-Moore Cemetery as his mother Elizabeth, and brother Hugh. How would everyone feel if we erected a stone for John & his wife Elizabeth William's there, even though we don't know the precise location of their graves? Would this be appropriate? Please let me know your thoughts on this. Too, maybe someone in Tennessee will someday soon figure out where Peregrine Yoe and wife Elizabeth Moore Yoe are buried. I'm sure it's around the Mooresburg Region too. We'd love to erect stones for them, as well. Someday, maybe even our Missouri cousins will help us find Gallahue & Ewell's gravesites. Any ideas, folks?

Thankfully, we are truly blessed with Howard Biggs and the Killians & Daltons, in Mooresburg, and Linda Puckett in Patrick Co., watching over our graveyards, as the true "Guardian Angels" for their preservation, that they have become. You'll be pleased to know that I recently wrote a letter to the Tennessee Department of Transportation and got them to acknowledge that they must do an environmental assessment with electronic grave searching equipment before they run the new road by the Dickson-Moore Cemetery. Rest assured, we are on top of this situation, with no pavement scheduled for laying until 2003, according to TNDOT.

Thanks to an initiative from Bill "Whacker" Moore, your Board embraced the idea of having Moore Family logo clothing and novelties, and we'll be working toward an official crest over the summer. Won't it be fun to have your own Moore Family Shirt and Cap to display at the next Reunion. The Moore Family Logo will be somewhat similar to our Journal crest, with royal blue background, and gold lettering surrounding the Rosette that says "Rodeham Moore, 1744-1811" - arched downward over the top, and "Descendants Association" - arched upward across the bottom. Hopefully, we'll have some for you to buy by the Summer newsletter, or the Reunion at the latest.

Speaking of buying, Merle's spectacular new and improved "Rodey2" is a must for every family member to own, and you may now contact our Secretary, Louise Murphy to obtain your very own copy. It contains a magnificent array of color and black & white photographs, vignettes, and the 10,000+ member family tree. It's available (in paper form) to members for $ 75, and to non-members for $150.

We are still going to digitally transfer Rodey2 into several genealogy program formats for work efforts by designated "Clan Chiefs". It will also be digitally separated into 8 digital files representing the descendants of Rodeham and Elizabeth. We need more Clan Chiefs, one for each of these descendants, and then Chiefs for their sub-branches. Want to be a "Clan Chief" for your lineage? Let me know. This involves keeping the family tree file and program on your computer and updating your chosen tree lineage with information supplied by the other tree members. Want to be the "Chief Clan Chief"? I don't have the time to do it myself, so step up and be the "Chief Clan Chief". You won't regret it, and we desperately need someone to coordinate all the potential Clan Chiefs.

Let's Eat!!! Why? Well, we're initiating a Moore Family Cookbook project! Send us your three favorite recipes, and we'll try and put them together into one Moore Family cookbook for all to share. Contact Louise Murphy with your scrumptiously, delightful recipes!

As I begin to close this Spring edition of the Newsletter, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the Board has affirmed my recommendation to elect Priscilla Rogers as our new Vice-President, succeeding Joyce Browning who asked to step down, due to her Moore research commitments. As many of you know, Priscilla has been at the "Epicenter" of all the "quakes" around Mooresburg that involves the Moores (there really was a 3.2 magnitude earthquake in eastern Tennessee near Athens last week). Priscilla will serve with outstanding distinction in this important role. I thank everyone for their expressions of enthusiasm and excitement at her selection and election.

Secondly, yes, the Family rumors you may have heard are true. I am indeed being considered by President Bush for appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land & Minerals Management, which is one of four #3 level policy secretariats at the Interior Department in Washington. I've already had one interview, and received the endorsement of several western state senators, governors, and congressmen, as well as all of mine from Texas. It has been a truly great honor to be asked to apply, and I know that whatever President Bush decides, it will be for the betterment of our Country. I'll keep you posted on any developments in this endeavor.

As you will see on our webpage, "Reunion 2001 - A Moore Family Time Odyssey" will return to the Homeplace B&B on Saturday October 27, 2001. There are still a few rooms available to stay right there with Priscilla (I always do!), so call today and be with us in the midst of all the excitement.

Want to get "Moore" involved? We really need a new Jounral Editor to get back in production on at least one Journal a year. We think we've got enough articles in rough form for two new issues, but need only the talent of a gifted family member to put together the layout and organize it over to Charlie Moore in Johnson City for printing. Any volunteers?

I also want to remind everyone to start becoming ORAL HISTORIANS!!! I cannot understate the importance of your sitting down with your family elders in front of an audio or videotape recorder and "debriefing" all of them on the family history that only they are old enough to remember. If only I had thought about this just three years ago, I could have permanently captured on tape the memories of my late father, and at least that clear but gruff voice of endearment and love that I miss so much. Don't wait another month! Capture that Moore Family history, and then put the tapes in your bank's safety deposit box. Maybe even make copies for your siblings and children. You'll thank us for reminding you to do this, someday! Trust me on this one, I know what not having it leaves you without.

Lastly, let me remind everyone that we dearly need your annual dues payments of $25. It is only through this sustained membership revenue that we can plan and carry out the wonderful projects that you read about here every issue. Your $ 25 buys headstones, cleans and fences graveyards, and provides for this Newsletter. Only through your emotional and financial enthusiasm for our works can we continue forward to bring the Family dreams into reality. Please don't forget! Mail your check today!

As I always like to say, remember that there is nothing more enriching than the love and concern of Family. In good times and bad times, we're always there for each other. Whether we're a distant cousin, or your parents, you should never forget that family matters, and we need to nurture each other. Little else will seem so rewarding, and our time together will be treasured by us all forever. For time does march on, whether we want it to stop or not. Be with us in Mooresburg this October. We'd love to see you there!

With all our love and appreciation for your faith and trust in us,