Late Summer Newsletter 2001
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Dear Family, It's time for our "Reunion Odyssey - 2001"!

Yes, our 2001 Reunion planning is almost complete. I hope you had a wonderful summer, for as I write this message at the start of September, we're barely 2 months away from our annual Moore Family gathering. Family Vice-President Priscilla Rogers and Secretary-Editor Louise Murphy are excitedly putting the finishing touches on their wonderful efforts for our return to our great Moore family hometown of Mooresburg, Tennessee. Either go to our website at and fill out and "beam us" the registration form there, or return the one herein by "snail mail", and let us know of your planned attendance.

It will be a wonderful Reunion for us all! You won't want to miss a single minute of the weekend, which will include my "exciting" story of the "Great Hunt and Discovery of Ewell Moore", and the wonderful living descendants that we've finally uncovered. Yes, it is true! We have finally "cracked the door open" and shed light on the "Ewell Mystery", with what we consider conclusive evidence of Ewell's later life and children in the Bolivar, Missouri area. There's even a Moore Family Cemetery there, where we believe he is most likely buried, but more importantly, direct Moore descendants of Ewell and his family! It was a wonderful and glorious three-day Memorial Day weekend in Missouri that resulted in the discovery. Who knows? Some of our new Ewell-descended cousins just might attend the Reunion, and tell their stories too! Perhaps I'll have time to write "Moore" on this in our next issue. However, it would be better if you could hear it first hand at the Reunion, and not miss out on this truly exciting story of search and family discovery. You'll just have to come to Mooresburg to hear all the details.

Priscilla Roger's B&B "The Home Place" will be our headquarters for a wonderful weekend of family reunioning, with the festivities to begin with our gathering there on Saturday morning. Priscilla is once again coordinating, and helping Louise and me plan, a truly memorable day of programs and visits to area Moore historical sights, and of course, that great "The Home Place" cuisine and hospitality.

This year, our "Reunion 2001 Odyssey" will be even more endearing, for we're going to allocate additional time for sharing our family pictures and stories together. On Saturday morning, we'll all meet at the "The Home Place" for some coffee and danish about 9:00 AM, and then set out for historical Mooresburg Springs. Priscilla knows one of the local residents that lives there, who has told her of some old cemetery gravestones amongst the foliage there. Wear your field shoes on this part of the trip, and perhaps you will have the luck and skill to help us find and identify these "mystery" burial markers. We'll also hear the history of Mooresburg Springs, and then we'll head over to the Moore-Dickson cemetery about 10:30 AM to honor our matriarch, Elizabeth Gallahue Moore, with a wreath on her gravestone. From there, it's on to the nearby Williams Cemetery, site of our latest cemetery restoration project, where Rodey & Liz's 8th child, Sarah "Sallie" Moore Williams and her husband George are buried on the Oscar & Nelson Dalton farm.

Following this excursion, we will return to the "The Home Place" for a delightful "picnic" lunch of sandwich meats, cheeses, salad, and veggies, and a chance to share your stories and show the photographs of your ancestors. It's "Getting to know the Moores", and its your opportunity to tell us all about you and your family.

After lunch, for those with the energy, we'll go to the Cleon Cemetery overlooking Cherokee Lake, where the graves of Cleon and his wife Margaret are tended by landowners Carol & Doug Killian. The Dalton's and Killian's have become truly part of our extended family, and we're ever so grateful for the loving care they give to our Moore Family gravesites. Our final stop will be the Moore-Etter Cemetery where we will remember Louise Livesay, member of the Moore Clan who died last October, and is now buried in this cemetery.

Last year, we successfully began our newest and most exciting program, "Getting to know the Moores", in the late afternoon, and everyone was able to share their stories and pictures of their families with each other. This year, we're going to continue this now traditional format, and ask you to bring photos, papers, and stories about your present or ancestral family, to let us "Get to know you" better, both at lunch and again in the late afternoon. From 4 PM until 5 PM, we'll schedule time for some 15 minute presentations, where you can tell about your Moore Family. So bring your family photos, or better yet, the family members themselves, and let us get to know everyone better, as you present "Getting to know the Moores".

About 5:00 PM, we'll start our "libation" hour, "enhanced" with Mammy Moore William's famous Dandelion wine, followed by dinner at 6 PM, and our Business Meeting and (in)famous (?) Awards Ceremony about 7:30 PM. This is always a special moment of the Reunion, where we try and recognize the great efforts of our special members that have toiled so diligently on behalf of the Family Association during the past year. Last, but perhaps not least, I'll tell the story of my "Great Ewell Hunt and Discovery" expedition that I mounted this past Memorial Day, before everyone parts company for another year. As for just a hint, the Ewell trail starts back at Red Bridge, Tennessee, where Ewell and Margaret bore their most prominent son, Alexander. You'll even hear of the last known whereabouts of Gallahue, and the fact that all his lush river valley farmland now lies below Stockton Lake, Missouri, where he and wife Rhoda probably rest.

All in all, it should be a spectacular day of family and fun, and this year we'll have even more time for visiting and reunioning. So, follow the registration instructions later in this newsletter or on the website, and plan to be with your extended Moore Family on October 27th, 2001, in Mooresbutg, Tennessee.