Summer Newsletter 2002
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Summer 2002 Newsletter from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Family,   

As I solemnly and prayerfully reflect here as I write this column on the eve of last year’s September 11th tragedy, I can’t even imagine how life must be for the many thousands of families that lost a cherished love one to those horrific acts of inhumanity on 9/11. For our greater Moore family, we seem to not have lost a family member, but I know many of us know friends and acquaintances who knew someone who’s loved one died in those four awful tragic acts that fateful morning.  We can only pray that all the loved ones left behind have families such as ours, to grab hold of and find the necessary strength to endure such tragedy. May God bless them all!

As I write tonight, Family Vice-President Priscilla Rogers and Secretary Louise Murphy are once again deserving of family sainthood, since they have beautifully handled all the detailed arrangements for our 2nd ever Rodeham Moore Reunion visit to Mt. Airy, North Carolina  and the William Alfred Moore House. Either go to our website at and fill out and “beam us” the registration form there, or return the one herein by “snail mail”, and let us know of your planned attendance. We hope it will be the biggest Reunion yet!

 We’re planning another action-packed, fun-filled Saturday Reunion for you, as we speak. Our plans this year will actually allow for two meals, lunch and dinner, at the Moore House, and extra-time for visiting and sharing stories. In the morning, we’ll celebrate the placement of the four new gravestones that our Association placed in the Rodeham Moore Cemetery, marking the graves of Rodey’s firstborn son with wife, William & Jane Hanby Moore, and grandson with wife Hardin & Ann Scales Moore. Along with Rodey’s stone, that now makes five new granite stones that our Association has been able to place there, thus forever marking the graves of our forefathers and foremothers.  Be sure to thank Linda Puckett and her family for their continued generous stewardship of the land where our cherished ancestors rest.

  This year, our great “Reunion 2002” will additionally feature a look at the quarry where Mt. Airy Granite is quarried, as well as a local historian’s detailed description of its origins and rich history. With a little different twist, we’ll hold our Awards Ceremony in the afternoon at the Moore House, with plenty of time before and after dinner for more visitation.

 Then, it’s “Getting to know the Moores”, and its your opportunity to tell us all about you and your family, as we’ve experienced in recent years. Last year, we successfully began our newest and most exciting program, “Getting to know the Moores”, in the late afternoon, and everyone was able to share their stories and pictures of their families with each other. So, bring your family pictures and memorabilia along, or just tell us a heartwarming story about one of your favorite family members. How will we ever know of your fondest family, if you don’t help us “Getting to the know the Moores”. 

  You might now be asking as to how our other gravestone restoration projects are coming along for the other children of Rodey & Liz? Our plans for “Memorial Stones” for John in Mooresburg, Tennessee, and Ewell in Bolivar, Missouri are proceeding slowly with funding desired to offset the $500 costs  of each one, if possible. I’ll probably make one more appeal at the Reunion, but perhaps someone might speed up the process by making that incredibly generous donation by the end of Reunion Day.

 Remember, they are “memorial stones”, since the precise grave location in those graveyards may never be known, but at least their descendants will soon have a place to pay their respects to the father of their family line.

 Our directory project is moving ahead nicely under the fine leadership of Board Director Ross Cameron, with an anticipated publishing time frame before the end of the year. Be sure your dues are paid up for 2002, if you did not do so back in May, so we can indeed send you this valuable booklet of family contact data with its family descendant information.

 As a last request, I really need to urge you to be sure you renewed your membership, so that you may provide the essential funds for our graveyard restoration and member communication efforts. Remember, membership dues ($25) were due back in May for this year 2002's efforts, so please fill out the attached sheet and update us with your current contact information, especially your e-mail address, and send your $25 check along as soon as possible. Please don’t forget to sign up at least one additional family member, so we can continue grow, and embrace our ever growing All-American family members.

 Having lost both my parents and my only sibling by the time I was 42, I can personally attest to the strength and comfort that all of my Cousins bring to me. As I love to say as I wind up my columns, “in good times and bad times, we're always there for each other. Whether we're a distant cousin, or your precious parents or siblings, you should never forget that family matters, and that we all need to appreciate and nurture each other. Little else will seem so rewarding, and our time together will be treasured by us all forever.”

 All in all, it should be a spectacular day of family and fun, and this year we’ll have even more time for visiting and reunioning. So, follow the registration instructions later in this newsletter or on the website, and plan to be with your extended Moore Family on October 26th, 2002 in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. 

With all our love and appreciation for your continued faith and trust in us,