Spring Newsletter 2003
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Dear Moore Cousins,

Reunion 2002 was quite an event. Between our visit to the William Moore house, a fun-filled account of Mt. Airy history, a visit to the Granite Quarry, and of course, our commemoration of the 4 gravestones of Rodey’s family, it was quite a whirlwind of a day.

In the morning, Jim Grimes, a local historian, amused us with his recantations of many amazing stories, including the many “Mayberry” ones. Then, we were off in one of our famous car caravans to the Mt Airy Granite Quarry overlook, for a fascinating lecture from Mr. Grimes, high on the hill overlooking the massive quarry.

From there, we bid farewell to Mr. Grimes, and caravanned on to the farm of our dear graveyard protectors, Georgia and Linda Puckett. Everyone scampered down the hill through the woods to Rodey’s Cemetery, where we dedicated the new stones installed last year for Rodey’s son William and his wife Jane Hanby, along with grandson Hardin and wife Ann Scales.

Back we went to town and the William Moore house, where Priscilla Rogers and Louise Murphy had organized the catering of a delightful lunch buffet on the back porch. It was then time to share our Moore family stories, with Cora Hollingsworth Ferrara, sharing some of her most precious memories from her family’s day in that wonderful old house. We also may have “solved” a question of which descendants were pictured in the portraits on the wall in the parlor, but the folks that preserve the house, may not be as excited as we were, since they thought it was William Alfred Moore and his wife, Rachel Martin Moore. In reality, the pictures are of their children. What fun it is to help them know the treasures that they have there.

After all this “sleuthing” it was off to the Mayflower Restaurant with a private dining room for our Reunion group, and our annual awards ceremony. Because of their exceptional service on many matters of critical importance to the Family this past year; we gave two distinguished service awards this year, to a well-deserving Louise Murphy and Priscilla Rogers. Thank you Ladies, for your never-ending dedication to our Family!

On Sunday morning, your Board met to attend to our Family Association business matters, and here’s a brief summary of our activities and plans:

• Planning to incorporate the Association as a non-profit under the tax laws, so that we can eventually take tax-deductible donations for our projects.

• Initiating the Journal once a year, now that Joyce et al can assist with this again.

• Continuing the website ( that consistently gets hundreds of hits per month.

• Moving toward requesting and placing two commemorative gravestone markers – one in Dickson-Moore Cemetery in Mooresburg for John Moore, and the other in Moore Cemetery in Bolivar, Missouri for Ewell Moore over the next 15 months.

• Working with Tennessee State Road authorities to protect Dickson-Moore Cemetery from the widening of Highway 31.

• Notifying various genealogical libraries nationwide of the availability of Rodey II.

• Recruiting Clan chiefs for the family descendant lines.

• Developing Rodey Family crest novelty items (cups and caps) in time for next Reunion.

• Publishing a membership directory and a lineage list/directory.

We set our next Reunion this fall for Mooresburg and are investigating the possibility of holding the 2004 Reunion in Missouri.

Whew! What fun we had dreaming up and planning all these great ideas!

It’s that “Dues Time” of year again! Let me remind everyone that we dearly need your annual dues payments of $25.00. It is only through this sustained membership revenue that we can plan and carry out the exciting projects that we want to undertake. Your $25 is critically important in helping to buy some of the headstones, clean and fence the family graveyards, and provide for this Newsletter. Remember too, we’ll be going to press soon with our first membership directory, and only our paid members of record will be entitled to this useful publication. Besides, without your financial support, we’d be hard-pressed to continue to do all that we do, so please write and mail that dues check today! Please don’t forget. We’re counting on you!

As I always say, “there is nothing more enriching than the love and concern of Family. In good times and bad times, we’re always there for each other. Whether we’re a distant cousin, or your parents, you should never forget that family matters, and we need to nurture each other. Little else will seem so rewarding, and our time together will be treasured by us all forever”. Hope to see you in Mooresburg this October! We’d all love to see you there!

With all our love and appreciation for your faith and trust in us,

Clint Moore, President