Summer Newsletter 2003
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Early September 2003 Letter from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Family,

He is gone. Our Founding Father and most dedicated Moore Family member, Merle Moore, has passed on to be with all our Moore Ancestors that have gone before him.

Merle was a bright shining light in the fog of history for so many of us. Without his decades of dedication, persistence, and Herculean effort, we would not know the richness and importance of our Moore family history. Yes, it is true, he had help from others who shared his zeal and zest for the answers to our family history, but Merle went above and beyond the call of family duty, and made an effort that we may never see again by a single family member. To Grace and his family, our hearts go out to them in this sad time, as they cope with his loss and their continuance forward without him. I can only hope that they will find some comfort in knowing how much we will also miss him so very, very much.

Perhaps, if there is one small joyous thought in our loss, it is knowing that Merle now is with Rodey & Liz, and finally knows all the family ancestry back to Adam & Eve. I can just imagine the twinkle in his eyes and the glee in his heart knowing all that he knows now. If only he could share that new found knowledge with us in this world. Alas, it is up to us to find those paths without him. We must find inspiration in his example, and impart his dedication and share his enthusiasm with the future Moore generations that will carry on his, and all our legacies of this great American family. May Merle now rest, and may we find renewed energy from the memory of his example in leading the family forward.

Thank God for Merle Moore.

To pay homage to Merle's passing, I have asked Bill "Whacker" Moore and Ross Cameron to prepare remarks of tribute to Merle, that will be the feature of this year's Reunion. We will also provide ample time for others to join in and tell us of the joy and inspiration that Merle brought to their lives. Bring your pictures, stories, and anecdotes, and let's truly celebrate the Life of Merle Moore and all that he meant to us.

This Reunion will also mark the commemoration of the memorial stone for John Moore, to be placed in the Dickson-Moore cemetery near mother Elizabeth and brother Hugh. I'm sure all the John Moore descendants won't want to miss this great event in the life of our family, as we continue with our important memorial stone project, dedicated to place new granite stones on or near the probable final resting places of Rodey, Liz, and all their children. Next year, we hope to place a similar memorial stone for sons Ewell and possibly Gallahue, in the Moore family cemetery in Bolivar, Missouri. Between now and then, we will likely need some additional nourishment for our graveyard funds, which leads me to my final thought for this column.

As a last request, I really need to urge you to be sure you renewed your membership, so that you may help provide the essential funds for our graveyard restoration and member communication efforts. Remember, membership dues ($25) were due back in May for this 2003 year's efforts, so please fill out the attached sheet and update us with your current contact information, especially your e-mail address, and send your $25 check along as soon as possible. If you can, please also try and sign up at least one additional family member, so we can continue to grow, and bring them with you when you come to our reunion.

Please join us in Mooresburg, as we honor the memory our dear departed Founding Father. Merle was such a treasure to us all, and it should be such an unforgettable day in the life of our family. May we honor him with our presence to celebrate him, his family, and his life's work. Follow the registration instructions later in this newsletter or on the website, and plan to be with us on October 18th, 2003 in Mooreburg, Tennessee.

Please be with us at this time of great remembrance,