Spring Newsletter 2004
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Dear Moore Cousins,

Look out Missouri, here we come!

Reunion 2003 was a great milestone, because we paid final tribute to our founding father, Merle Moore. Bill Moore, Ross Cameron, and I remembered Merle with memorable tributes, which you can read in this newsletter. I urge you to read each one, and ask that you always remember what a special treasure Merle was to us, and to his family. We’ll always be so grateful to Grace and the children, for letting Merle be Merle. We miss him so, but know he’s in a better place, learning all he’d ever want to know about our ancestors. Thank the good Lord for Merle Moore!

Our thanks again to Priscilla Rogers and Louise Murphy for planning and putting on such a wonderful Mooresburg reunion. Our day began with our reverent cemetery field trips, starting with the commemoration of the new John Moore Memorial Gravestone at the Dickson-Moore cemetery. This beautiful granite stone is just like John’s mother Elizabeth Gallahue Moore’s stone nearby, as well as Rodey’s stone over in Patrick County, Virginia. Everyone enjoyed the moment, especially those John Moore descendants from Missouri that traveled all the way for the ceremony.

On we went to the Williams Cemetery, where we laid a wreath at the graves of Sallie & George Williams, after a challenging pickup truck ride up the big hill on the Dalton Farm. Next, was a beautiful visit to the Cleon Moore Cemetery on the Killian homestead overlooking Red Bridge, where we laid a wreath on both Cleon and his wife Margaret tabletop gravestones. Thanks again to the Dalton & Killian families for their continued protection of our family graveyards.

Finally, it was dinner time back at the Home Place, but not before several family members cranked up Priscilla’s big organ and sang some great old songs. Dinner was a delight, with scrumptious food provided by Glenda Davis and Linda Morie.

This year, we awarded two Distinguished Service Awards, and two President's Awards. For their years of dedicated service and longstanding commitment to our Association, it gave us great pride to give John Moore & Bill "Whacker" Moore our Association's prestigious Distinguished Service Award. Both helped Merle tremendously at the birth of our little Association, and both have continued to dedicate their time and effort to nurturing our future.

Our two President's Awards this year go to new, but special family members. Larry Moore has stepped up to the important role of Board Director and Family Association Attorney, as well as being the chief driver of his Missouri family to our Reunion every year. This fall, Larry and his clan will host our Reunion in southwestern Missouri, and I know he'll be glad to not have to drive so many hours to get to the Reunion. Award Recipient Pauline Malos of California, a Ewell Moore descendant, shares our reverence for our family's graveyards, and has been the Trustee for the Moore graveyard over in Bolivar, Missouri, for many years now. Pauline set up a family trust fund for the preservation and maintenance of that cemetery, where we believe Ewell Moore and his wife Nancy are likely buried. With Pauline's blessing, we anticipate receiving its custodianship at a ceremony in Bolivar this fall at Reunion 2004, along with the commemoration of a memorial stone for Ewell. We may set up a stone for Gallahue, and another one for John Moore there, if we receive a necessary donation of $500 for each stone. Many members of our Moore clan in southwestern Missouri are descended from John, even though John died too young to ever go there.

Which brings me around to my appeal to your heart for your annual dues. Yes, it's that time of year again, so please open your heart (and checkbook) to renew your commitment to our Family Association. Your annual dues help pay for all the maintenance and upkeep at our family cemeteries, along with the semi-annual newsletter, website, and our new gravestone projects. Please take a moment to send us your precious check today.

On Sunday morning, your Board met to attend to Association matters. Of greatest note is the fact that we are now incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Missouri, thanks to Attorney Larry Moore. I've written a first draft of proposed bylaws, which, when finally approved by your Board, will be filed with the IRS. We can then establish our federal 501 c(3) status. What a glorious day that will be because every donation you make after that status is established will be tax deductible on your income tax. Hopefully, Larry will finish this exhausting process soon. Thank you so much, Larry.

As I ALWAYS say, “there is nothing more enriching than the love and concern of Family. In good times and bad times, we're always there for each other. Whether we're a distant cousin, or your parents, you should never forget that family matters, and we need to nurture each other. Little else will seem so rewarding, and our time together will be treasured by us all forever.” Hope to see you in Missouri this October! Moore details about our next great adventure will be in my next newsletter column, later this summer.

The Missouri Moores had better stock up on corn ears and butter, because here we come!

See you in Missouri in October.

With all our love and appreciation for your faith and trust in us,

Clint Moore, President