Fall Newsletter - 2009
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Moore Cousins,

Fall colors should be a blazing with our hearts a glowing this October in the hills of Tennessee, so you need to join us in Mooresburg for our Annual Moore Reunion on Saturday October 24th.  What better way to rejoice in joy and our heritage during such challenging times, than in the hearts and minds of your Moore family.  The country and our ancestors faced tougher times before. I don't know about you, but my 2009 has been filled with adversity from the day it started, but as Rodey & Liz knew, it's all in God's hands and our faith will carry us through any tumultuous time. So, come to Mooresburg next month, and let's have a celebration of our family to enjoy and remember, and forget about things less enjoyable than family.

As I write this at the first of September, we're less than 60 days away from the Reunion, and our Mooresburg "hostess with the mostest" Priscilla Rogers, is already organizing another memorable schedule of activities, along with her always scrumptious cuisine.  This year, all the Hugh Moore descendants should join us in Mooresburg, because this will be the year that we place a brand new granite gravestone next to his original weathering gravestone, and thus better assure the preservation of his gravesite. This will be our fourth granite gravestone erected by our Association in the Dickson-Moore Cemetery.  Hugh's new stone will join our modern granite stones there for matriarch Elizabeth Gallahue Moore, and her son John Moore and daughter Elizabeth Moore Yoe. What a great accomplishment for us all, and a testament to our Family's dedication and commitment to preserve this important heritage, and protect the gravesites of our ancestors. 

On Reunion morning, we'll start out the fun-filled day by meeting at Priscilla's "The Home Place" Bed & Breakfast.  There we'll take in the wonderful smells of the Tennessee hills with the morning dew, nibble and sip on some coffee, juice, and pastries, and then right over to the Dickson-Moore Cemetery for the dedication ceremony of the new Hugh Moore gravestone.  Then we'll car caravan to the Williams Cemetery to ride to the top of cemetery hill with its beautiful vista, and pay our respects to Sally Moore Williams.  Back to The Home Place we will go for a delicious lunch and a special presentation by Hawkins County historian Rodney Ferrell. Rodney just published an article on Mooresburg, and has some interesting information on Red Bridge and John Creed Moore.  Rodney will then join us on our trek up to the Cleon Moore gravesite and cemetery, another beautiful vista on the bluffs over Cherokee Lake, and then its back to Priscilla's for relaxation and sharing our stories of family history. Dinner and our awards ceremony will soon follow, and yet another memorable reunion will come to a close, as the cool breeze refreshes our bodies and spirits, and we head off into the night, with bellies full, family ties strengthened, and yet another wonderful family reunion etched forever in our memories. 

Before you hook up your "wagon" and hit the road for Tennessee, don't forget to check out our website - All our Moore Family shirts, caps, cups, and cookbooks are available there (and at the Reunion), as well as our family photo album of reunions, cemeteries, gravestones, and award winners! Louise Murphy will have some of these for sale at the Reunion too. If you need to buy a copy of our giant Rodey book, containing all of our historic family tree work, please let us know.  The website also contains great new links to project, along with photos of every new gravestone the Association has established, as part of our gravestone/graveyard project. You'll find our Reunion News and fascinating historical Moore family articles archived there, as well as our bylaws, meeting minutes, my past newsletter columns, and our pre-1900 Family Tree. It's a "one stop" shop for our Rodey Family!

Let me also humbly request that you be sure and send in your $25 check for your annual Association dues. Your valuable dues make our cemetery projects like Hugh's new stone, and this newsletter possible! Please help us keep the cemeteries cared for, and the association in touch with all our family members. We've even provided a return address envelope for your convenience. Please honor us with your dues check today.

Lastly, if you arrive for the reunion and get settled before Friday evening, Priscilla has offered to host us with refreshments from 6-9pm Friday night, so be sure and stop by The Home Place, if you're not too tired from your travels.  She'd love to see you early. style="mso-spacerun:yes">  She'd love to see you early.

So don't miss out on this wonderful family time together. Come and inhale the majestic beauty and woodsy perfume of Mooresburg in the fall, and watch the glistening silver dew brighten the natural world around us, as we revel in our family and the history that we all love to hear.. 

See you there!

Warmest Regards,