Fall Newsletter - 2010
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Moore Cousins,

100! Wow! Our dear Moore cousin, Herb Moore, is now 100 years old. What an incredible accomplishment. What a blessing to our world. What a wonderful person Herb is! Congratulations, Herb. You are our hero.

Yes, on August 7th, Herb turned 100 years old. What an honor and thrill it was for Diana and I to fly up to Mt. Vernon, Missouri and attend his day of festivities. The entire town celebrated the centennial with the town council passing a proclamation declaring it “Herbert Moore” day, and literally 100’s of town folk came by the party at the senior center during the course of the afternoon. Herb’s immediate and extended family came in from all over the country, and he even had three big birthday cakes, to feed all the well-wishers. The town newspaper featured him on the front page, and even NBC’s Today show wished him well on their morning show. In fact, you may still be able to view that videoclip at   Herb thanked everyone so graciously, and also gave some of us an inspiring rendition of his D-Day landing and march to Germany, using an old 7th Army map that he keeps framed on his wall at home. Diana and I had to conclude that if one survives a nightmare like that, you can survive most anything, and Herb’s courage and distinction were exemplary. We must thank the Lord for Herb Moore, and may God Bless him always.

Want to personally wish him well? You may get your chance at our Texas Reunion next month, but only if you come, since I know Herb will likely be there! Saturday, October 23rd in Temple, Texas at the Stratford House the date and place of our upcoming Reunion, with lots of history and fun already planned. There are rooms reserved under Moore Reunion.  The phone number is (254) 771-1495 or Our hostess with the mostess, Jerry Hill, has been working hard all summer to make arrangements for our fun-filled time. Here’s some of what she has in store for us. Featuring the life of Gen. John Creed Moore, our car caravanning will visit his last home near Osage, Texas, as well as his gravestone in the nearby cemetery. We’re making special plans to feature details of his distinguished life of service to our country, with a special presenter or two, so you won’t want to miss this exciting program.  At lunch, we will stop at the restaurant in Crawford, Texas, made famous by its proximity to the ranch of our 43rd US President, George W. Bush. Our dinner plans are still under development, since the Lake Waco paddlewheeler is not operational, but you can guarantee it will be tasty, fun, and a great time to visit and honor the members who have dedicated their time and resources to further the goals of our wonderful association this past year. Temple is only 36 miles south of Waco (exit 302 on I35), and 126 southwest of Dallas and 67 miles northeast of Austin. Please fill out the enclosed registration form and return it as soon as possible, so we can better plan the festivities. Ya’ll come down to Texas!

Today, I want to announce a major “new” project – to publish an updated family tree book! A potential “Rodey 3” volume – containing at least an updated Rodeham Moore Descendants Association family tree. This seemingly herculean project may now be easier than in the past, thanks to new computer software that makes data files more combinable. Family Tree Maker 2010 – available for just $29.95 – appears to allow the combination of multiple digital files, which we need in order to avoid retyping data into one central database. Any family group can compile their family tree in a family tree maker file from this software, and we should be able to combine it with our master file. Years ago, I was able to convert Merle’s Rodey 2 digital database into an earlier version of Family Tree Maker, but could not easily combine multiple digital files into it. Now, it would appear more possible. So, if you’d like to update your lines in the next edition of Rodey, get busy with FTM 2010, and then send us just one digital file, with all your data, and it should be combinable into our master Rodey family tree file. Of course, we can’t predict how long this will take, but we’re shooting for a new version by the 2011 Reunion next year.

Speaking of which, get ready for one of our boldest Reunion projects yet! Next year’s 2011 Reunion will likely be in Virginia – the historical towns of Williamsburg and Jamestown!  Cousins Jimmy Palmer and Joyce Browning have begun preliminary planning for this great adventure! We’ll probably meet there for two days, or possibly even three, instead of our usual one, and visit both historic sites, as well as have our regular reunion activities too. This is an exciting place to go – the birthplace of our country – and one fitting for our American pioneering family. Plan your travel time allocation accordingly, as we project a weekend in late September or October as the likely time period. How much more exciting can it get!

As I bring this column to a close, I simply want to encourage and energize you to make plans to join us at our upcoming Reunion this October 23rd, in Waco/Gatesville, Texas.  If you missed our first Texas reunion in 2007, you won't want to miss this one.  They say things are always bigger in Texas, and even bigger the second time around. 

Also, if you've not sent us your $25 annual dues, please do so soon, since those precious funds pay for the continued cemetery maintenance, new gravestones, newsletters, and website. In fact, we've even provided you with this handy return address envelope, so all you have to do is write the check and stick a stamp on it, and you're done for another year.  This summer, we were successful in turning around the gravestone of our matriarch – Elizabeth Gallahue Moore, in the Mooresburg cemetery. Originally facing the street, our subsequent new granite gravestones for John, Hugh, and Elizaberth Yeo Moore, all faced the opposite direction. Last fall, everyone remarked how hers should now be turned too, so we got it done, just as promised. So, thank you again for your prayers, dues, and support. We can't do all these wonderful deeds without you!

Which reminds me, I want to take this last moment to invite and encourage you to become more involved with helping lead this wonderful family Association? We always need your ideas, thoughts and prayers, AND we need your energy and enthusiasm to do what we all can do for the family. It's a great way of giving back to the family, and the country that our forefathers & foremothers helped build. Volunteer today, by either e-mailing me at or calling me at my home at 281-651-6266.

May the Lord bless you, and keep you and your family safe throughout the year!

See you in Texas next month!

Warmest Regards,