Spring Newsletter - 2010
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore


Dear Moore Cousins,

99 and counting! That's 99 years and counting. An incredible milestone in our family is about to be achieved. Our oldest Moore cousin, Herb Moore of Mt. Vernon, Missouri, will turn 100 years old on August 7th. What an achievement this will be, especially when you know what a "sharp tack" Herb is. This is a man that landed on the D-day beaches, marched and fought into Germany, and recently recounted this great history at our Missouri reunion a year ago. Herb hasn't missed a Moore Reunion since attending his first one in 2001. At our Mooresburg Moore reunion last fall, we honored Herb with the Rodeham Moore Association's highest honor, our Distinguished Service Award. Herb has not only been a dedicated contributor to our Association's efforts, but even more so, to the Nation that we all love so dearly. He is the epitome of the words "Distinguished Service". Please join me in praising Herb, and congratulating him on his next great achievement -a centennial birthday!

Mooresburg in the fall was a tapestry of fall colors and bountiful country air. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful and wondrous place as one of our special Moore home places. Priscilla Rogers rolled out the welcome mat for us all, and her husband Butch worked his magic (and sweat) on our family cemeteries, and the grand tour of them was a delight for all. This year, we honored Butch for his incredible and outstanding service for his care and dedication to our cemeteries there these many years. A Presidents Award was a great way to recognize his dedication, and say a big, big "Thank You" to him for his big heart and tremendous work on our behalf!

Each time we return to Mooresburg, old and young cousins and their families make the journey to be with us, and become embraced and immersed in our exciting Moore history.  This year was another great moment in our reunion history, with a particularly special moment when we commemorated the new Hugh Moore cemetery stone. Lovingly prepared and transported all the way from Wyoming by Hugh G. Moore III aka "HG", it was a very special moment in our Family's history as many of Hugh Moore's descendants were present for the dedication. When you realize the effort that HG made, and the commitment and dedication it took to prepare, transport, and erect the stone, it was especially wonderful that we presented Hugh with our President's Award that evening, as well as the richly deserved applause and gratitude for his Herculean efforts.

When we first planned to go to Gatesville, Texas back in 2007, we met a demure (not really) and reticent (not at all) Texan by the name of Jerry Hill. In just three years, Jerry has volunteered so much, whether it was helping Pris to organize the first Texas reunion or taking on the duties of Assistant Secretary, she has earned the appreciation of her fellow cousins and board members, and received the Distinguished Service Award for her many efforts. Jerry is an outstanding leader and a great member of our Board, and is already planning an exciting reunion for this fall. Congratulations, Jerry!

 Mooresburg 2009 was yet another great reunion, with young Carrie Ashley Hill's (Jerry's daughter) showing us all her wonderfully detailed family tree work on a large map sheet, and young Hugh Moore V, helping his father and grandfather install the wonderful new Hugh Moore stone. So many memories, so many moments, and so much laughter and joy, it was truly a time to treasure for all. Many thanks again to Priscilla, as well as hostesses Dora, Bonnie, and Autumn for the delicious food and beverages, including the Pris's famous dandelion wine.

As Spring has sprung here in April of 2010, I want to tell you of a truly wonderful action that has taken place, as a result of our Board meeting in Mooresburg.

Although the Association has grown to what we are today, with annual reunions, journals, a website, embroidered clothing, DNA postings, and much more, it all started almost two decades ago, with a brilliant idea, some energetic initiative, and a great family team that came together as cousins, and started us all on this incredible journey to where we are today. As many of you know, the death of my father in February 1997 soon led me to find Merle, and come to my first reunion that fall of 1997, where I got "drafted" as your Association President. For me, it's been an incredible journey of family and joy, and filled a void in my life made greater two years later by the untimely passing of my only brother. We all have our personal stories of how we got here and found each other, each one a treasured memory trail of discovery and family comfort. The key learning in all this is that we are a family, and a family that respects and remembers its ancestors.

But, there was a beginning, and although many of those early leaders have passed the baton to us "younger" folk, the Board and I feel it is important to recognize the early pioneers of this "wild band" of Moores, and thus have taken action to do so, even before the next reunion. As you can see on our website, we rightly recognized our Founding Father, Merle Moore, years ago. Merle was the driving force that got us all to embrace our heritage, as he became the "energizer bunny" from the outset. We've also previously recognized Mary Hughes for her dedication and efforts in those early years, as well. Now, the Board recognizes four more individuals for their pioneering efforts, in helping to blaze the trail of the early formative years, with Merle and Mary.  

For their visionary leadership, dedicated commitment, and enduring initiative and example, the Board recognizes Beverly Delaney, Bill Woodard, Robert Earl Moore, and A. William Moore with the Rodeham Moore Association's highest award, the Distinguished Service Award. The Board voted to prepare and bestow these awards immediately this past winter, and plaques and letters were sent out to each of them.

Merle bestowed nicknames on Beverly (Bubbles), Bill W. (Burl), and Bill M. (Whacker), which have stuck to them all like molasses. Together with Robert Earl, all four were key workers at various moments in the clearing of the Dickson-Moore Cemetery, and the Cleon Cemetery. These early pioneers literally blazed the trail via the cemeteries and provided the beginnings of leadership, even an early newsletter, and a lot of sweat equity in the 1991-97 era of our Association. Merle, Mary, Beverly, Bill, Bill, and Robert all deserve a lot of praise and gratitude from us all for their inspiring efforts. Thank you, and congratulations on your well-deserved recognition and award plaque.

As I bring this column to a close, I simply want to encourage and energize you to make plans to join us at our next Reunion this October 23rd, in Waco/Gatesville, Texas.  If you missed our first Texas reunion in 2007, you won't want to miss this one.  They say things are always bigger in Texas, and even bigger the second time around.  I'll have more to tell you of our plans in the Fall newsletter, but you can count on a visit to Gen. John Creed Moore's Cemetery, probably lunch in the tiny town of Crawford, Texas, made famous by Bush 43's ranch nearby, and possibly our reunion dinner on the old paddlewheel riverboat "Delta Queen". It will be another remarkable day of family memories, and one you won't want to miss.  Block out the weekend on your calendar right now.  Waco is only 90 miles southwest of Dallas and 100 miles northeast of Austin, along I-35, and we should have motel information to you right after Labor Day.

Also, if you've not sent us your $25 annual dues, please do so soon, since those precious funds pay for the continued cemetery maintenance, new gravestones, newsletters, and website. In fact, we've even provided you with this handy return address envelope, so all you have to do is write the check and stick a stamp on it, and you're done for another year.  Thank you again for your prayers, dues, and support. We can't do all these wonderful deeds without you!

Which reminds me, I want to take this last moment to invite and encourage you to become more involved with helping lead this wonderful family Association? We always need your ideas, thoughts and prayers, AND we need your energy and enthusiasm to do what we all can do for the family. It's a great way of giving back to the family, and the country that our forefathers & foremothers helped build. Volunteer today, by either e-mailing me at or calling me at my home at 281-651-6266.

May the Lord bless you, and keep you and your family safe throughout the year!

See you in Texas this fall!

Warmest Regards,