Summer 2015 Newsletter
 from President Dwight "Clint" Moore

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Opening Tribute to Herb Moore

Rejoice in Jesus’s name! Cousin Herb Moore went home to Heaven on April 19, 2015, from his home in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, with his family at his side. At 104 years of age, and thanks to his sons Larry & Mark and all his family, he had lived an incredibly, outstanding life in this world, and brought joy and happiness to all who knew him. We should rejoice in having been honored to have had him as part of our Rodey family, and share his great character, laughter, and stories at over 15 Rodeham Moore reunions since 1999. We will all miss him terribly, but we have faith that we will all be together again, when the Lord takes us home too.  God Bless Herb Moore.  God Bless his family for helping make him such a great man. We praise and thank God Almighty for giving us Herb Moore, to have enriched our lives while we live on this Earth.

Last fall at the 2014 Reunion, Herb was with us in Mt. Airy, even though he had to be hospitalized much of the weekend, after an afternoon haircut at the Mayberry Barber Shop left him winded. As they had done so many times before, Larry and his family had driven him all the way from Mt. Vernon to our reunion. I visited him in the hospital room Saturday night, and he was spry and chipper just trying to get them to let him out. Being 104 years old, the hospital wasn’t about to let him go without tests and analysis. As I sat with him for a while, I was struck once again by his incredibly joyous personality. No man that I have ever known was as joyous and kindly as Herb. After he passed in April, my godson Taylor Martin, a young English professor at Baylor, and I flew to Mt. Vernon and spent the Memorial Day weekend visiting with friends and family about Herb. We wanted to capture memories of Herb while they were still fresh in everyone’s mind, and so after three days of story after story, we both left Mt. Vernon with the undeniable conclusion that Herb had lived a great life worth living because he had touched and lifted the hearts of every single person that knew him. Herb was not only loved by all who knew him, but a Hero to everyone that knew of him. We may never know a man as wonderful as Herb again in our lifetimes.

Reunion 2014 – was in Mt. Airy, North Carolina

Reunion 2014 was a great two-day event! On Friday, we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway all day with local historian, Randle Brim, and stopped and visited four “rock churches” made from the field stones of their parishioners a century ago, under the ministering of famous Presbyterian minister Rev. Robert W. Childress, Sr. It was a beautiful sunny fall smoky mountain day, with pretty autumn colors and laughter in the air. Pris & Louise did a great job of providing a picnic lunch, and everyone agreed that it had been a great day to start the Reunion off well. If you’ve never driven the Parkway in autumn colors, you need to do it someday!

Saturday morning, we caravanned over to the North Carolina Granite Quarry, just on the east edge of town, where manager Mark Williams (no relation) gave us a private tour of the entire quarry operation. Wow! I must say, even though I am a geologist, this was truly an incredible sight to see and experience. He explained how the granite is cut out of the quarry floor, and then took us inside the machinery buildings to see how they slice, shape, and polish the end product. The biggest product of all?  Street curbs for northeastern US cities  - only granite can last much longer than concrete.

After our tour, we were off to Raleigh and Shelby Puckett’s Hollow History Center near Rodey’s Cemetery, where Pris & Louise provided us with another delectable picnic lunch, and looked through the wonderful historic old log cabins there. After lunch, we went to Rodey’s Cemetery, lovingly cared for by Linda Puckett, and laid wreaths on the nice granite gravestones of Rodey, William, Jane, Hardin, and Anne. Again, we were blessed with great weather, and we all enjoyed the stories shared there.

From Rodey’s Cemetery, we headed to Archie’s Creek, where back in 2012, we had likely discovered the foundation stones for Rodey’s Grist Mill. To confirm that, I put on bib waders and with a walking stick in hand, waded up the creek from the stone pile, to see if there were anything else that might have been the grist mill. After walking aways upstream in the creek in knee high water, and then walking back down the east bank, I can confidently say there weren’t any rock piles anywhere that even remotely compared to the big rock pile in the creek that we had discovered in 2012. That pile was within 100’ of the 1927 surveyor medallion that marked the tri-county corner, which was based on the location of the grist mill.  We have undoubtedly discovered the gristmill ruins, and everyone was giddy and excited, when I came back with stories of soft mud and no more stones.

To end a very active day, we drove back into town and stopped by the William Alfred Moore house, for everyone to see. Many of us had been there before, but some had not, and it was fun to watch and listen to the “veterans” tell the stories to the “newbies”. This is a key part of what our reunions are all about – passing on the stories and spreading the knowledge of the family.

A delectable dinner was had by all at the Mayflower Restaurant, with everything from fried catfish to fried shrimp to fried chicken etc. etc.. Then, our favorite historian Randle Brim gave us a great slideshow about the history of Thomas Woodruff, the founder of the granite quarry.

Lastly, but not leastly(?), I awarded 2 Distinguished Service Awards and 2 Presidents Awards. First, Randle Brim graciously received our Distinguished Service Award. Although not a blood relative, Randle has become a part of our Mt. Airy area Moore family, because we share a common love for history and family. For two Mt. Airy reunions now, he has been an incredibly supportive and organizing member, making contacts and arrangements, leading us on field trips to the rock churches and the quarry, and giving great presentations about the Mt. Airy area. Randle has tremendously contributed to our family, and we look forward to the next time we reunion in Mt. Airy, because we know he will help us have a great time again. A true gentlemen, a friend, and a great member of our extended Moore family – thank you Randle Brim!

Linda Puckett has been our shepherd over the Rodey Cemetery for more than a decade, and well deserving of a Distinguished Service Award too. We are eternally grateful for her kindness and care of Rodey’s final resting place. Without her critical watchfulness, we might not have this beloved cemetery to preserve and protect. Like an angel, she is guardian of it night and day.  We were delighted to award her the Distinguished Service Award, for so many years of being our Guardian Angel there.

For President’s Awards, I awarded one to Raleigh & Shelby Puckett for their spectacular establishment, care and preservation of the Hollow History Center, not far from Rodey’s Cemetery. Every time we visit, I’m amazed at the authenticity of the buildings and contents. This unique bit of history is so wonderful, and we always enjoy our picnic there, every time we visit. After the reunion, they wrote me the kindest note, and expressed their great appreciation for our recognition of their wonderful work.

On a special note, I awarded a President’s Award to William Swift, President of the North Carolina Granite Quarry Company. Since my first call to him over two years ago, William has been an outstanding friend of our reunion, opening the quarry gates for tours both times we have asked. A true gentlemen and great leader, William deserves our great thanks for being so kind, caring, and friendly to our Moore reunion group.  If business leaders in the world were all like William, the business world would be a better place.


Reunion 2015 – will be in Springfield, Missouri

So, as you can see, we had an action packed weekend in 2014, and 2015 is shaping up to be a similar action-packed weekend too. All our plans are not finalized yet, but here is our anticipated two day spectacular reunion! 

Friday, Oct. 23

On Friday morning, we will gather at the Springfield Courtyard by Marriott motel, which is our reunion motel this year, and caravan to the exciting “Fantastic Caverns:. This is America’s only ride thru cave, where you ride through the caverns of stalagmites and stalactites in a comfortable long tram trailer pulled by a jeep. This jeep-drawn tram winds its way through many turns, tunnels, and giant cathedral rooms. The sheer majestic beauty of the limestone formations will amaze you. For over an hour, we will be treated to awesome shapes and colors that you can only see underground. This will be a great opportunity to see caverns that you’ll never forget. Then, it’s back into Springfield for a tour and shopping in the biggest ever – Bass Pro Shop!  This is it, the one that all others are modeled on, and until just recently, was the largest of them all with over 500,000 sq. ft. of shopping and dining. With the average store being just 125,000 sq. ft., you can imagine why we will spend the rest of the afternoon there, and have lunch and dinner there at the famous Hemingway’s Blue Water Cafe, as well.  They have a really big Aquarium in the restaurant, so bring your cameras to capture it all. Remember, their slogan is “Your Adventure Starts Here!”.

Saturday, Oct. 24

Saturday, we’ll arise at the Springfield Courtyard by Marriott again, and head north to the Moore Cemetery in Bolivar. Lovingly cared for and protected by board member Pauline Malos, we’ll see our granite memorial stones that we’ve placed there for Rodey & Liz’s two sons Ewell Moore and Gallahew Moore, and admire Pauline’s new grave identification sign. Pauline has done an outstanding job of reclaiming this old cemetery, and with a new fence, regular maintenance, and our granite gravestones, this is a must see for all.

Then, on from their across county to a bluff overlooking Stockton Lake.  From here, we can see the land and lake below where Galehew’s farm land used to be on the river, now submerged under the lake.  Then, further west we will go north of Mt. Vernon to a truly unique luncheon café out in the middle of nowhere, called the “Hangar Cafe’”. This truly unique restaurant is literally in the middle of a corn field, and is a grassy glider airstrip where the local ultra-light and glider owners fly their machines. Apparently, this is a great place to spend a weekend afternoon, because the unique quonset-hut-styled restaurant with 1950’s soda fountain inside décor, has a large covered outdoor picnic table restaurant area where 100’s come to eat and watch the planes take off and land. This should be quite a treat, and everyone says the food is great with burgers & chicken etc.

After a long lunch there, we’ll drive south to Mt. Vernon to pay our respects to two terribly missed reunion members. First, we’ll stop at the Zion Cemetery where Cousin Herb is buried, and pay our respects and memorialize him in several ways, and then on to the Williams Cemetery where Cousin Bessie Rutherford is buried. As sister of Herb, Bessie was an incredibly fun and witty girl, who often came to the reunions with Herb, Larry, Edith, Janice, and Jerry. They always had a van full, and always laughed their way to wherever we were reunioning. At her gravesite, we’ll also memorialize Bessie, and remember her with stories too.

Overlooking the Williams Cemetery from nearby bluffs, is the home of Cousin April Mieswinkel, who has graciously offered to prepare dinner that night after we visit Bessie’s grave. So, as you can see, this will be another great reunion with lots of rich Moore history, raucous fun, and fellowship to remember forever. Don’t be left out. See reunion details below.

Remember Your Membership Dues!

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Even if you can’t afford the full $25 per year, please send us $10 or whatever you feel you can afford, to help pay for these vital family programs.  Our goal this year is 100% participation of every newsletter recipient, even if it’s just $5. Please help out as best you can. We’re providing you with this handy return address envelope, so all you have to do is write the check and stick a stamp on it, and you’ve helped support your great Moore Family Association.  Thank you again for your prayers, dues, and support. We can't do all these wonderful deeds without your financial help too.

More 2015 Springfield Missouri Reunion Details

Hope to see you in Springfield on Friday morning October 23rd! Low airfares into Springfield-Branson Airport are available, so make your plans to attend today!

Call the Springfield Courtyard by Marriott (rates as low as $ 89/night) at 417-869-6700 (ask for Sales Mgr. Andrea), and make your room reservation, and tell Andrea you are with the Rodeham Moore Reunion. There isn’t any room block (too risky for us to pay for), so call today before they sell out. Then, fill out our registration form and let us know who will be coming with you. It will be fun for the whole family, so don’t leave anyone home. You’ll have a fun-filled trip, and memories to last a lifetime.

May the Lord bless you too, and keep you and your family healthy and safe, and especially as you travel to join us in Springfield.

May God Bless Herb & Bessie, as they have traveled ahead of us to the Promised Land!

Warmest Regards,

President Cousin Clint