The Rodeham Moore Descendants Association is truly blessed to have several wonderful family lineage researchers that have generously provided the family with their comprehensive family trees of Rodeham & Elizabeth’s descendants.

Due to privacy and security concerns, we will only herein provide worldwide, open public access to a information of our limited family tree chart of descendants that have passed away, but may have been alive in the 1910 census. This file contains about 1,500 descendants and 500 families, all of whom directly descended from Rodeham and Elizabeth, and their 8 known children. This file has been graciously prepared and supplied for this purpose by the late Researcher Richard Kesler, and we thank him for his great generosity and time. This file can be explored from here.

Every family descendants association usually has a “Founding Father”, who has dedicated much of their adult lives to researching the family discordances, and then sparking the necessary enthusiasm to create an organization dedicated to honoring the ancestors from whom they’ve all sprung.  

Our great “Founding Father” was Merle Moore.

 Through Merle’s tireless and Herculean efforts over these many past decades, we are truly blessed with another family tree file that contains upwards of 10,000+ descendants and thousands of related families descended from Rodeham and Elizabeth. Obviously, many thousands in this file are alive and living throughout the world, but we do not intend to offer their names across the worldwide web.  Instead, if you are interested in obtaining a copy of this 500+ page printout/notebook with index, entitled, "Rodeham Moore of Patrick County, VA. His Descendants and Their Known Kin, Second Edition",  you may write to our Secretary, and enclose a check for $100 for non-members, or $75 for Association members. Request letters with checks may be sent to:

Sara Hitesman, Secretary

The Association for Descendants of Rodeham Moore

2308 West Westview Street, Springfield, Missouri 65807, USA

 Questions may be sent to:



The Rodeham Moore Descendants Association participates in the worldwide Moore DNA Project, and has successfully matched all 5 of the continuing male Moore lines descended from Rodeham Moore. There are no known living male Moore descendants of the 6th line, out of Galehew Moore. It is believed that the last male Moore from the Galehew Moore line died in the mid-1900's.

You may view all of our results at the link above, where you will find our family as "Group 11".

For your own test kit to determine if you are part of our Rodeham Moore line, please go to: