The Rodeham Moore Descendants Association

Organized nationally in the fall of 1997, we are an association of family descendants from the 18th century  marriage of Rodeham Moore (1744-1811) and Elizabeth Gallahue (Moore) (ca 1752-1825). More information on our association is located on the Who We Are page.


It was with extreme sadness that the board of the Rodeham Moore Descendants Association announced the death of
our esteemed and beloved president Dwight McClintock (Clint) Moore on October 1, 2019.

We will forever miss Clint and the impact he had on the organization and growth of the Rodeham Moore Descendants Association.

Please visit the memoriam for Clint on the Clint Moore Tribute page.

We continue to extend our deep condolences to Clint's family and friends, most especially his much cherished wife Diana.