1998-2006 Reunion Activities

Priscilla Rogers's

"The Home Place" Bed & Breakfast
Mooresburg, Tennessee
"Our Reunion Headquarters"

2006 Family Reunion Photos

Rodey Graveyard Family Photo above his stones

President Clint & Cemetery Steward Linda Puckett

Ararat River near Rodey Cemetery

Road Trip Visit to Hollow Museum

 Herb Moore Smiling

 Herb Moore & Joyce Browning Chatting

Mountains West of Cemetery

Virginia BBQ Lunch

Clint & Jay Moore at J.E.B. Stuart's Memorial at Stuart, VA

William Alfred Moore House Sign

William Alfred Moore's Historic House, Mt. Airy, NC

Joyce Browning sharing her WAM Family House History

A Gorgeous & a Handsome Reunioner in the Moore Family Clothing

Herb Moore modeling our great merchandise

Moore Merchandise for Sale at the Reunion

Mt. Airy Granite Quarry

2005 Family Reunion Photos

2005 Reunion Photo

2005 Herb Moore & Priscilla Rogers riding to Cemetery

2005 Williams-Livingston Cemetery Visit Photos

2005 Mountain View from Sand Mountain Photos

2005 Red Bridge Bridge Underwater

2005 Cherokee Lake Shore Field Trip

President Moore receives special cookbook
 from VP Priscilla Rogers - 2005

2005 Moore Reunion Dinner Photos


2005 President Moore about to enjoy some sweet Missouri Moore Corn

2005 Board Meeting

Mooresburg Post Office


Oct. 16, 2004
Gravestone Dedication Ceremony


Clint Moore, William J. Moore, Bob Franklin, Bob Phillips


Galehew Moore Farmland Talk


Galehew Moore Farmland under Stockton Lake


Galehew Moore Farmland under Stockton Lake 2


President Moore with Pauline Malos
accepting the stewardship of the cemetery
on behalf of the Association


Reunion 2004 Luncheon at Smith's Restaurant
Bolivar, Missouri


Reunion 2004 Dinner
Mt. Vernon, Missouri


President Clint Moore addressing 2004 Reunion


2004 Reunion
Field Trip Briefing


Family singing around the old "Home Place" organ


Family commemorating the new John Moore memorial stone.


Miriam & John Moore with new John Moore gravestone


Field trip to Sallie Moore Williams gravesite in Dalton Farm field


William Alfred Moore House, Mt. Airy, N.C. (front)


William Alfred Moore House, Mt. Airy, N.C. (back)


Original Rodeham Moore gravestone
Rodeham Moore Cemetery, Ararat, VA.


Rodeham Moore Cemetery new and old gravestones


Rodeham Moore Cemetery, Ararat, Virginia



Reunion briefing in William Alfred Moore House
Mt. Airy, N.C.


Our Missouri Moores' Most Delicious AppleButter


Welcome Sign on Marquee of Mt. Airy Comfort Inn


Mt. Airy Granite Quarry


2001 Annual Board Meeting


2001 "Layout" Picture!


Reunion 2000 Hay Bale Truck Ride

up to Sallie Moore William's Gravesite


Merle Moore Lectures to 1999 Reunion Participants

at Rodeham Moore Cemetery,  Patrick County, Virginia


Rodeham Moore's Grave October 1999

President Dwight "Clint" Moore and wife Diana


1998 Annual Board Meeting


Drawing of Mooresburg Springs circa 1900

by Wendy Leedy in 1978